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the disciplined trader of

Work of the investor can conditionally be divided into technical and psychological part.

Each speculator has to possess the built-up character based on psychological laws of the market, speculation.

Ninety percent of people in the financial market lose money. Now you will understand why:

1) Buying something, the individual often is based the emotional decision. Many traders prosazhivat the deposit from - for “piranhas“ - plentiful quantity few unprofitable transactions of which more than profitable or “sharks“ of the transaction with uncontrollable risk of the deposit of 50% and more, play the Russian roulette.

The rule is as follows: having decided to buy something postpone action for week, and even month, by this time you will make the right decision and reasonable price will approach.

2) In the book “Memoirs of the Exchange Speculator“ Edwin Lafevr wrote that not my mind, but my assiduity gave me profit.

On it trade on a trend on greatest possible for you a time - a frame, I for example use month, week.

3) Many cannot recognize the mistakes, and recognition of a mistake is the first step on the way to discipline. From - for this problem, many speculators cannot close a negative position.

Having realized it, you will be able to get rid of this problem not at once. I can offer you the following - take inexpensive shares to 10 - 20 dollars, without leverage with investment calculation for a year and more! It to you dates freedom, from emotion and even if you will not be able to close a position your risk will make 10 000 - 20 000 thousand it if the company is declared bankrupt, if you will not be able to close the transaction from - for the emotions and beliefs, and potential will be 1k 3 or 1 to 10, but it taking into account a right choice of the issuer. Also you can choose risk of the manager and instruct it where to close a position if you cannot agree at a loss and to close a

4 position) It is discipline which consists of points which are listed above. It is possible to tell much about discipline, one approve it it is necessary to train as a muscle, to struggle with itself, but it is similar to writing of the book “how I made one million?“, without earning also thousands. If you are engaged in the fact that really to be pleasant to you, then your psychology, an organism does everything that you achieved the objectives. The correct way is the weaknesses, to reorganize into your advantages which will help to achieve success.

The technical aspect is very important, it is similar to driving of the car, time period is necessary for a beginner to learn to go and pass from simple to difficult.

During speculation the mass of approaches and strategy concerning technology of trade appeared, I use the following methods:

- technically and the graphic analysis;

- the fundamental analysis;

- levels of resistance and support;

- trade in a trend (in the channel)

I treat an equipment question from such point of view - in the word difficult a root of beds, in the word simplicity a root growth. Everything that just it well works, I tried the mass of strategy and the technician, ponabivat cones and created the approach.

Investment it not for everyone, it is necessary to love this business, to have patience, will power, to recognize the mistakes, to be not greedy, otherwise you will lose money, to live not for the sake of bank notes, and for the sake of something more valuable to you.

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