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Husband or guest?

Oleg not from those men after whom women look back: not the plechist, not the blonde, average height also goes slightly sutulyas. The lower jaw perhaps firm and strong-willed, but under moustaches not to make out. To Oleg it is far for forty, and a year ago he became a grandfather. Jokes on the new status, and adores the granddaughter. And still Oleg adores women.

Just a vitality at it such - too much. It, is visible, at the gene level, from the father was transferred. The father, when the wife, Oleg`s mother, buried, was not widowed more than a year. Married and with the young wife moved to a midland of Russia.

- My stepmother is younger than the wife, - Oleg laughs.

In a new family at the father children were born, and though “young“ for 70, the summary brother who on age nearby left his granddaughter, to the brother grows up three years at Oleg now it was not executed yet. Oleg feels sorry for women, understands and does not condemn for anything.

- It is necessary, in a supermarket the acquaintance works now. It approached to be thrown by a word, and it is impossible for it. Will see, at once will dismiss. It that for rules draconian? The whole change works for “kopeks“, legs hoot. What for conditions? - he is indignant.


- Here wrote in the newspaper about prostitutes. And old - that they, and ugly. So what? Work as work. I communicated with one. Normal woman. Their bread is spread not with honey too.

Women repay to it in kind. Love. Love sincerely. And the outer side - to offer a hand, to help to put on a coat, in the bus to give way - is observed by it sacredly. It seems a trifle, easily, and at present - a rarity. And always openly shows that the woman is pleasant to it, and unless it can leave female heart indifferent?

Oleg is married. He is married the only marriage which is more than twenty years old. Told the wife about ten years ago:

- Live as it is necessary for you, you want, the lover of a creek, and I will live happily.

The son still small was also divorcing, parents did not start conversation. As the wife, the woman young still, apprehended these words of the husband, it is only possible to guess. Olga was always a woman house, family, economic. That on the party to bring someone, even could not come to its mind. But too well too it is bad. Oleg about the wife never badly spoke, appreciated, and with her missed. After this conversation he decided that now all on honest and began to appear openly in the city with the girl under the handle, at first with one, then with another. The wife was silent. It is visible gradually got used to a situation, accepted it and, it is how possible, reconciled.

The son grew up, and, having inherited blood of the grandfather and father, “in maids“ did not sit up too, in 19 years declared to parents that his girl is pregnant. On a family council began to decide - what to do. Young people judged on the that to the child to be, and parents all the same will not leave in trouble. Got married and, having strongly mounted upon a parental neck, continued study in higher education institution. In the two-room apartment became tightly, here a good occasion to receive freedom, and Oleg declares that he leaves to live on the rental apartment. One. “ Problems to wash socks“ or “to roast potatoes“ he does not know, everything is able to do on the house. And the wife comes to it on a visit now.

- Yesterday came already late, calls. I blamed it supposedly why without the prevention and if I am not one? - he explains an essence of their new relationship. - Today will come with spending the night too. Here to it I carry newspapers. It on a sofa will lie, to read newspapers, and I in kitchen to strive, - continues whether for fun, whether is serious.

Such atypical relations between spouses, Oleg considers quite normal and calls the marriage “guest“. Marriage which gives feeling of freedom and novelty when spouses cannot even quarrel because not from - for what. And the jealousy is not tested to each other. Or say that are not jealous.

Such family, as at Oleg, not only. I know another in which there was a full set of “delights“ of joint life - change, suspicions, shadowing, jealousy, calls of well-wishers … Eventually, the wife did not sustain and moved with the child far away from the husband and problems of family life. Now the husband and the father comes to the wife and the daughter on a visit, the former spouses long communicate, drink tea in kitchen, all family have a rest during week-end, celebrate New year and birthdays, the spouse resolves all household issues of type to beat - to repair. There is no hostility or quarrels between these two also in mention.

That it, intermediate states: any more not marriage, but yet not divorce? Or origin of a new form of marriage? Or it something is similar to nonalcoholic beer and sex by phone? Time will tell.