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The dead do not waste the life? A crematorium from within

In the shivering tram which gave a ride to us to a final stop to the people there was a little: pyanenky little men, old men with batozhka, one molodayka with a brood of children. We knew the exact address, but it could not wait to see a purpose of visit still from a distance.

Who does not live in a tower?

the Reference point - a pipe. It was For some reason represented that near a crematorium there has to be a very tall pipe and waste the life black - a prechyorny smoke. Likely, in the childhood read military books about fascist concentration camps. Now, in the 21st century, technology others. But about it a bit later.

- A crematorium and it, on a hill, krasnenky such, - the tipsy couple specified a way. And here we saw it. Real teremok. Any ominous pipe nearby.

For “teremky“ - an open country, and behind the field - a cemetery. The space for construction of a crematorium was chosen also by the principle - is closer to a power source, that is gas which is used in the furnace for burning of corpses.


are moved apart by

of the Blind in the central part of the ritual hall, and the coffin with a body smoothly and silently drives in the center. There is a farewell ceremony, a suffocating smell of an incense everywhere, the father says a prayer, the pressing Albinoni`s music sounds. Ritual does not drag on for a long time, the last bouquet is assigned to a pedestal, and the last seeing off leaves the hall.

At desire relatives can observe loading of a coffin in the furnace through glass from the special room. This service is paid in addition.

Operators on the special cart bring a coffin to the loading panel from where - that from a wall the long captures lifting a coffin from the cart move forward. Electronics operates everything.

There was the last movement: loading in the furnace. But there was a small hitch: in the furnace remains of the previous dead burn down.

Cremation lasts 1 - 2 hour at a temperature about 1000 degrees Celsius. “Healthy“ burn down quickly. Much more time is required on cremation of patients, especially with such diagnoses as cancer and tuberculosis.

As workers explained, the organic chemistry - skin, muscles, fat burns down. And here bones do not burn. They are removed from the furnace and crushed on a special mill - a kremulyator. Then all - both bone meal, and ashes from the furnace is placed in special capsules volume approximately about a 3-liter jar.

Each capsule is numbered, and this number appears then in all accompanying documents. Capsules of black color, are by sight absolutely unattractive. Make them on a local sanfayans.

the Equipment

are displayed by

On the control panel of the furnace two temperatures: in chambers of burning and in chambers of a dozhig where everything that did not burn down in the main chamber burns down. It is necessary for ecological purity of process. Therefore we did not see an ominous black smoke, and there is no specific smell here.

Both furnaces from the Czech Republic. At us in Russia make such too, but they do not sustain the competition according to ecological characteristics and, besides, much massivny foreign. Before capital repairs the producer guarantees 12 years of correct work against installation.

Before registration of the order for cremation relatives receive an instruction with special requirements, for example, such: the coffin has to be wooden, without metal accessories.

It is impossible to cremate the person with medals, awards, breastplates, and also electropacemakers, electroartificial limbs of internals and extremities. Too it is better not to use wreaths and other ritual accessories, their crematorium does not utilize, and returns to the family.

Additional services

the Crematorium presents to

how it can be spoken, a full complex of services. For example, storage of bodies in special refrigerators about three days. The refrigerator is calculated on 14 places and is full chock-full.

Carry out sanitarno - hygienic processing of the dead and hairdresser`s services, embalming, storage of capsules, burial and further care of a grave or a niche of a columbarium. It is impossible to hold a ballot box with ashes of the native person of the house, it will be demanded to bury or place in a columbarium surely.

The cremation price, strangely enough, depends on body length, but not on weight. Employees of a crematorium say that costs of an ordinary funeral are comparable to costs of a funeral through cremation. Their clients not so prosperous citizens, it is people with different prosperity.

And as for directly burial, burial of a ballot box is much cheaper, than burial of a coffin. A crematorium - the real factory on utilization of human remains, and quite profitable.


Daily work with corpses, proximity to death as harmful factors are not considered as

therefore at workers of a crematorium of any privileges, type of early pension or the increased holiday, no.

And here at operators of krematsionny furnaces such harmful factor is - it is noise from the fan and work of a gas torch in the machine hall. Therefore milk is necessary to them.

Change - five people: two drivers, the agent for departure on the house, the cashier conducting ceremonies.

There is no regular psychologist in a crematorium, the doctor too. If to someone it becomes bad, there is a first-aid kit, it costs right there, in the hall of farewell, on a tray. A set usual - sal ammoniac, warm drops.

Of humble origin

is Much burned by

of negative corpses here. These are old men from nursing home, bums, but not only.

Recently the number of cases when the person has a name and a surname, the address, relatives increased, but she refuses to bury the dead. The person in hospital dies, and he from there simply is not taken away.

It is necessary to store ashes of the unclaimed dead year, relatives suddenly will appear. But such cases lately nobody remembered something...