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Zherinsky church. Whether there is a hope for revival?

this churchlet did not include in my plans In any way. Also I should not have run into it. I after Livny should have left on Volovo further - on Kshensky. Here only for this purpose at once behind the bridge through Kshen - to the right to turn. And who knew that Sergiyevskoye which I as a reference point in Livny was given - somewhere there, away from the route, behind gas station what before the bridge?

No, local, probably, in courses. And I? Yes, from where! Here also lomanut - directly. And so far understood that not that - that, two tens kilometers managed to otmakhat. It was necessary to be developed and to saw back. Well, and if, at least, lost half an hour why not to stop on a small smoke break? Directly here at this beauty that in the village of Zherino, Livensky of the area, the Oryol region. Almost at the road.

Well for now I smoked, the friend - nothing to do - that to him, non-smoking he - took and otfotografirovat this roadside church. Or rather, all that from it at the time of our smoke break still remained.

Dominating in composition two-story massive chetverik temple part once it was decorated with a false relief colonnade which semicircular speakers of a vertical remained and still. Long, in five windows, the antechurch adjoining it from the West, and a bema of church are equal on the height, but is almost twice lower than an architectural dominant of the building. At the same time the antechurch - is a little wider than temple part, and an altar, on the contrary - already. Perhaps at the expense of it there is such feeling that the church is the some fantastic overland ship directed by the nose on the East, and its captain`s bridge is the massive round drum which is set up on a chetverika - the basis for the only chapter uplifting once over the village the cross which is far seen beyond its limits.

And the head, at such “ship“ deal, also has to be only. The captain on the vessel - one. But any its team for team - arrival - is obligatory to execution.

The temple and inside is not less impressive. The powerful two-row colonnade divides the placement of an antechurch on three naves equal between itself as on width, and height. What, generally, is, let and small, but derogation from the settled traditions. According to architectural classics, the central nave has to be higher and wider than lateral.

Here such original and majestic beauty among boundless fields somewhere on the suburbs of the Oryol region. It is necessary to remember such, probably. Here I also remembered. Also became interested. Well, and how the road approached the logical conclusion, began to be interested - what the church such is? Who constructed it? When?

But … Alas! The only thing that could find for those months that passed from the moment of an unexpected meeting, is a couple of lines in V. M. Nedelin and V. M book. Romashova “Architectural antiquities of Orel region“ local, regional publishing house “Spring tides“ (1998) :

“Zherino, the village of (Dmitriyevskoye) - church of the Smolensk Mother of God, 1792, the middle of the 19th century, is transferred 1930 under a grain store“.

Well, the fact that “is transferred under a grain store“ is and in the photo it is visible. - too it is clear to “Dmitriyevskoye“. Former name of the village. And here two different dates - 1792, the middle of the 19th century - what they mean? 1762 - date of construction of the temple? And the middle of the 19th century - time of reconstruction and a ponovleniye of the church which already decayed for last century? Who knows? I have no answers to these questions yet. But, I hope that over time they surely will appear.

Here only not to be late. I feel what can turn out so that all these questions will lose any practical meaning and will pass into the category of the blank theory. Because that couple of lines about which said above, not the only thing that I found about zherinsky church.

On October 12 last year the livensky newspaper “District city“ published small article (the author Lyudmila Vladimirova ). Here what in it, in particular, is told:

“In Livensky district there were several monuments which on closer examination were a draw. It is about the ancient churches which were left without supervision. In particular, about one of the oldest churches of the area - the temple of the Smolensk Mother of God in the village of Zherino. Theoretically all churches have to be transferred under Orlovsko`s jurisdiction - the Livensky diocese of the Moscow patriarchy. And practically it has no forces and means to restore all at once. And the monument in which once there was a warehouse is thrown without supervision. This summer at zherinsky church the wall collapsed. It is visible, not for long it was necessary to stand nearby near the road“. Everything is faithful to

. The wall failed. And it is very similar to the fact that if everything remains as it is, - it is short … To stand very not for long still churches.

And the author so, rather softly, towards regional church hierarches. Well, they have neither forces, nor means. On the Solovetsky or Valaam Monastery, so, please, forces are available. On a zherinsky rural churchlet in spite of the fact that scale here absolutely other, considerably smaller, is not present them!

Perhaps therefore is not present what scale not that? On the same Solovki or Valaam both serious profitable receipts from tourism, and generous donations of rich shareholders. And in Zherino … Tourists, hey, you where? Shareholders … Hey! It is not visible, it is not heard either those, or others. Therefore, most likely, and there are no forces. As it is bitter, but today the church is first of all business, and the belief - as will turn out. When in the tenth, and when and in twelve great turn.

And how then with once the rule existing in the territory of the Russian Empire - “any victim presented Churches makes its property“? Safely forgot about it? No, this rule does not work now? And I - that believed that church rules, as well as belief, are eternal. Naive …

Turns out, and there will be a zherinsky church ownerless? To nobody necessary. To neither church, nor the state, nor people that live near it. To us that is. Also it is necessary only to wait when time comes and after the first wall the second will fail?

It is quite possible. Because in order that other scenario acquired the right for life, and the church had a hope for revival, it is necessary that first of all ourselves exchanged. And that you go across Zherin … Only several minutes! But also they are enough to see how the zherinsky shop standing directly at a roadside brags of a brand new siding. And through one hundred - another of meters - church. Which has no owner. And the wall failed …