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Caught a cold? The club health of a family recommends to

Privintivny measures - business good and, generally speaking, very effective, but so often happens, especially at the reduced immunity that “the breeze blew and - is ready“ - we got sick.

needs to be meant At once that any catarrhal disease - business difficult. China says that it “introduction of pathogenic energy of cold“, so it also is, at the same time the cold affects urinogenital system, in particular kidneys and a bladder in this connection their activity decreases. Kidneys, in turn, are functionally tied with lungs - dysfunctions, and can be started then sharply anew and various inflammatory processes as activity of lungs at once escalates, it influences heart - gas exchange (inflow of oxygen to blood) sharply decreases and heart for compensation should work in the raised rhythm. This picture describes that moment why at application of antibiotics at “catarrhal diseases“ the side effect affects kidneys even annoying, so-called “secondary cardiac rheumatism“ quite frequent phenomenon after application of antibiotics at catarrhal diseases. Knowing all picture, it is not necessary to be surprised. At the same time, antibiotics - not smaller of the evils, and just angrily as instead of stimulating immunity, they suppress it, counting at the same time that the organism itself will be restored - it depends. If forces are, then yes, nevertheless, application of antibiotics in itself always has a consequence intoxication and dizbakterioz so this measure - absolutely unsafe.

Quite another matter - a homeopathic method. All homeopathy is an immunostimulator which just stimulates activity of separate bodies and systems, an exchange etc. So instead of suppressing, it actively helps an organism to restore the function. As a matter of fact, in it all effect which already “became known in the people“ also consists. Nevertheless, if you got sick (except the general health there was also temperature crisis, at the same time not important what, the main thing that temperature deviates norm), it is necessary to do the following:

in the Morning (with 9. 00 to 11. 00):

the Cactus - 12

Glonoin - 12

the Belladonna - 12

On 6 peas of everyone on 100 ml of water. Morning reception is especially “warm“ set. As you already understood, at any disease in general, and at catarrhal in particular, it is extremely important as at any disease heart is under the raised loading, and at problems with lungs - especially.

Day reception:

Cinchona - 12

Gepar sulfur - 12

of Karbo vegetabilis - 12

On 6 peas each 3 once a day. Here we normalize work of kidneys, we privintivno raise power and we remove intoxication which at all inflammatory processes happens always, besides in a sharp form.

Evening reception (with 21. 00 to 23. 00):

for crisis is Nuks vy - 12, Sepia - 12 on 3 peas of everyone on 100 ml of water. “the crisis period“ is understood as temperature deviation from norm.

This recipe - medical also stimulates power therefore the organism has to react with increase of immunity and as a consequence of it, temperature increase, at the same time temperature increase to 39 is normal immune reaction, i.e. the absolute benefit. It is much worse if temperature 38. 5 - the immune depression - and an organism cannot effectively struggle with a virus (there are just not enough forces).

at the same time throwing of temperature is higher 39 is undesirable as it also speaks about weak immunity as they is normal if the disease develops, so to say, on rather healthy organism, homeopathic reception helps it to be restored and temperature crisis takes place very quickly - one or two hours - three - less, without exceeding 39. But at weak immunity the organism as if follows therapy, and temperature increase can continue. Therefore only in this case (if temperature 39) we applies a standard set (it a troychatka, it is AntiGrippin) in structure: Akonit - 12, the Belladonna - 12, Brioniya - 12 - on 6 peas of everyone in an hour before normalization of temperature.

At very weak condition of immunity (that always speaks about existence the latent chronic diseases) crises can repeat (2 - 3 times), actions precisely the same are to 39 - the recommended set, after 39 - AntiGrippin.

This recipe can be applied at all chronic diseases, nezavismo from an etiology - any side effect it has no.