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The biological age - what is it?

The matter is that all processes proceeding in a human body - both mental, and exchange, submit to certain regularities of a current of time, and at men and at women time flows differently. Here it is worth recognizing that time at women passes quicker, than at men. All this is based that at women the defining figure is the seven, and men have an eight. That they define - yes almost everything. The first signs of puberty appear at girls in 14 years, and at boys - in 16 (at the same time the girl remains the child till 7 years, and the boy - to 8 then they pass into group of teenagers), secondary sexual characteristics which, however, in traditional medicine are not defined at all come respectively in 21 years at girls and in 24 years at young men. However, these signs rather thin, they also define “povzrosleniye“ - when each of us becomes, as if, the full-fledged member of society - can bear responsibility for himself and people around and, therefore, in something is ready to creation of a family as a family to a large extent this sense of responsibility the friend for the friend and, certainly, for children.

“The first youth“ - as in the known joke, corresponds at women 21 - 28 and at men 24 - 32 years. From the point of view of “biological realities“, it is age at which for women first labor is optimum as there can be certain problems further, but, again - only with first labor.

In 28 years at women and in 32 at men there come the next changes in an organism which influence an exchange, functions of bodies and systems, and even mentality. For this period it is characteristic to pay more attention to society - on the first place usually is social self-realization - work, career and so on. And if with a family already everything is all right - the first child already appeared, then to care especially there is nothing, but if there is no child, with his birth there can be certain problems which, however, easily give in to homeopathic correction.

The interest in career forms a factor “business - the lady“ when the hormonal background changes even quicker, on it leaves, as a rule, 1 - 2 years after active occupations by society. Corresponding changes of health which are subjectively perceived as the increased slackness, a breakdown, change of external parameters: flabbiness of integuments, tendency to the increased weight - just also lead to extensive growth fitness - clubs as the idea fitness - club is subconsciously based on attempt of compensation of that process about which we also speak - presenilation.

However, here everything will be on the contrary. Exactly according to the same scheme of feedback hobby fitness - procedures even more changes a hormonal background as any accumulation of muscle bulk always leads to increase of level of men`s hormones in an organism. Therefore that in this period of life is very useful for men, is not useful at all for women as leads to creation of social group “uniseks“.

35 - 42 years for women and 40 - 48 years for men. At this age there is a peculiar division: the first option is couples conducting normal family life where everything proceeds rather quietly and harmoniously, let and with smaller enthusiasm, the second option is defined in the people as there is no fool like an old fool. The matter is that in this period natural process of aging which, however, is defined by the fact that youth as this period only is time for a maturity only comes to an end begins, and really processes of aging are connected with change of a hormonal background, decrease in function of endocrine system and have to take place in the next period of life. But so often happens what the termination of youth in itself of which, in general, the organism does not do corresponding “conclusions“ leads to emergence of idea about restoration of what was long ago (where my 17 years?). And for proofs to itself that we still very much and very much, there is an increased “sports interest“ in the intimate sphere.