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Whether you know everything about a bath?

on a bath go a lot of different talk on its usefulness. But that there was the maximum effect, it is necessary to know some rules. The useful effect for health arising in bathing process, was known for a long time and still Avicenna gave the guide to the correct bathing process.


He very correctly said that if before a bath it is dense to eat, feelings will be not really in connection with “obstruction of vessels slime“. The bath makes active an exchange and if before a bath it is dense to eat, then disintegration products come to bodies, what remained from food after extraction from it all nutrients, and the main task of a bath - a conclusion of toxins from an organism, cleaning both outside, and from within.

Also Avicenna perfectly wrote that if to go to a bath on an empty stomach, then the health will also be not really at the expense of exhaustion of juice of an organism. Bathing procedures provoke active dumping of toxins with then through skin pores. And sweat in itself is a “appendage of blood“ as as in need of an active potovydeleniye blood plasma is used, it the filter therefore the volume of blood falls, causing a condition of an atoniya - the general exhaustion an organism therefore we can confirm absolutely correct recommendation of Avicenna - approximately for an hour to a bath to have a bite, without overloading at the same time an organism. And this idea is validated by simple experience.


One more thing to which it is worth paying attention when planning bathing procedures is time. We already said that in a daily rhythm there are certain hours of active work of these or those bodies of our organism and as the bath makes active system of allocation - generally urinogenital, we will be guided at o`clock of the greatest activity of this system of bodies. The period of the most active work of kidneys in our organism - with 17. 00 to 19. 00 local time, and at this particular time in China put needles to render the maximum correctional effect on kidneys. Therefore the bath will be most useful if the main bathing procedures to carry out, since 17 hours. At the same time till 19 o`clock it is possible to come very actively into a sweating room and to take a steam bath, and already after 19 - it is better to have a rest - to drink to tea that the organism could restore the homeostasis. With 19. 00 to 21. 00 - the period of the greatest activity it is warm - vascular system and as bathing procedures give big load of heart and vessels, at this time it is better on to come into a steam room, and to give to an organism the chance for quiet restoration.

Days of week

Though for residents of the modern megalopolis days of week share, as a rule, on working and output, nevertheless, there is a difference in days of week on their general influence on biorhythms of our organism. Every day week bears in itself additional loading - so already very few people remember that historically Saturday is the last day of week, and Sunday - the first, and not the last as now it is accepted in the majority of the European countries. And it is very important to us to remember it at the choice of day for our bathing procedures as Thursday and Saturday, and on that is the reasons are considered as traditional “bathing“ days. Thursday is known as “pure Thursday“ on the Holy Week long ago, Saturday - additional day when we can manage to complete that were not in time within a week, and also with quiet soul we can relax and have a rest, after active working week.

Bathing procedure in its full option about which we speak now has very powerful power stimulating influence therefore it is very desirable for achievement of effect of clarification and restoration of an organism, to remember the basic rules.

1. We visit a bath only once a week, it is desirable on Thursdays since more frequentation of a bath creates excessive load of an organism - on warmly - vascular and secretory systems, overtasking all bodies. At the same time this is not about a steam room to fitness club where you come on several minutes to warm up muscles after trainings in a gym or the pool - it can be done as often as you consider it necessary, being guided only by the health, the main thing at the same time - not to be overloaded.

2. Within the next days after a bath there is an active reorganization of an organism and therefore your vital activity will be reduced. The bath gives very serious load of all organism and next day after a bath you should not plan the raised “sporting achievements“ simply. Next day after a bath it is desirable to have the quiet mode without the raised loadings - both physical, and mental.

3. The bath gets to a week rhythm and full adaptation of an organism comes after 3 - go visits therefore it is necessary to visit a bath once a week, certainly, in the same day.

The rule of a bath

First, it the basic - never we force ourselves, it is necessary to listen to the organism and to be guided by the health. At emergence of any unpleasant feelings - dizziness, darkening in eyes, weakness, the increased heartbeat - at once we leave a steam room. Here it is not necessary “to be greedy“ or pose as “athletes“ - the organism adapts gradually, and already next time you will be able to carry out time in a steam room more, than to the first.

The second - during stay in baths we come into a steam room 3 - 4 times, 3 times are a minimum and 4 - a maximum - less than three times - will not be full-fledged effect, it is more than four times - already an organism overload.

The third - any alcohol and soft drinks in a bath - alcohol is simply dangerous as it already in itself renders load of heart and vessels, increases pressure, and also loads urinogenital system, causing hypostases. Water, even room temperature, at the cellular level is not acquired, but easily provides the bladder spasm passing into further Qatar. Therefore - only warm tea, and is the is best of all green or grassy with a lemon. It is better to squeeze out a lemon in tea, but not to put a segment as the dried peel impacts to tea slightly bitter relish that will be in the conditions of a bath additional load of heart.

The fourth rule - after left a steam room - at once it is necessary to go under a cold shower or to have a shower bath cold water, it is the best of all to dive, of course, with the head into an ice font - choose option on your health. If you chose a shower, then at first rinse with cold water of a leg, then a body, and surely at the end water on the head - to vyrovnit temperature of integuments of all body. If you decided to plunge into a font, then be dipped surely with the head - it is desirable several times.

If after this procedure you feel an easy cool of skin, it is possible to come in a steam room to dogretsya, but no more, than on 1 - 2 minutes - to warm skin.

The aromatherapy

When appeared a bath very few people were familiar with this term, nevertheless, “not only saw kvass, but also on stones poured“. Our organism is filled with different analyzers which react to smells, colors and flavoring feelings. Recently at us is in a bath in gang of water with which water on walls, added garlic juice, “on appetite right there punched all attendees“, and it is not surprising because from an Ayurveda it is known that garlic improves works of intestines and intensifies digestion and as the bath in itself already intensifies digestion, the bath with a smell of garlic gave double effect.

Any aroma in a bath possesses very active impact on an organism. The most traditional options of an aromatherapy in a bath is a beer and an eucalyptus - both dry and raise power. Affect kidneys and a pancreas (since water - operates system of kidneys, and humidity - a pancreas). At the same time it is better to use beer not filtered - live, with the minimum content of preservatives, and an eucalyptus - it is possible in the form of the real eucalyptus broom - he needs to be troubled previously in hot water and in a sweating room to lean it against the person and to breathe through the steamed-out leaves.

Mint - increases humidity both in a steam room, and in an organism therefore at endocrine insufficiency, dryness of skin, fragility of hair and nails - very useful aroma.

The camomile pharmaceutical - removes a spasm and irritation of urinogenital system, possesses the all-weakening action, is useful at any diseases of urinogenital system, is very useful if you have a combined skin type.

All coniferous aromas possess antiseptic action as essential oils contain phytoncides. Cumulative effect - increase dryness, raise a drainage, strengthen a potovydeleniye.

Special procedures

the Bath - she is different. The first and main property of a bath is an element of a climatotherapy therefore where in the winter cold and damp - just not to be ill, give to an organism dry heat, - the Finnish sauna. Where winter cold and dry - kontitentalny option - heat is necessary damp, respectively and we will approach. Well there are other options - so in the southern regions - in Turkey, for example, where the cold problem in principle is absent, but in connection with warm climate there are problems of a hyperactive exchange, and as a result, organism hyper intoxications, perfectly works to boors. In such steam room not really hot and couple is a lot of - hyper humidity, respectively, uric and endocrine systems is stimulated that promotes immunity increase, a conclusion of toxins from an organism, to the raised drainage, the general strengthening of immunity. Therefore to boors it is shown at chronic fatigue and the reduced immunity. In the basis to boors is a sulfuric bath, and sulfur is a homeopathic Sulfur whose main action is desintoxication.


In a bath three types of brooms are applied: oak, birch and coniferous.

An oak broom - energostmuliruyushchiya, from - for its big size to take a steam bath them, especially without being accustomed, very difficult, its main objective is “to overtake for steam“, due to creation of circulation of hot air. The tannins which are contained in leaves support work of heart and vessels, prevents development of a sclerosis of vessels.

A birch broom - the complete antithesis oak - it you will not overtake for couples, but deep massage with the essential oils which are contained in birch leaves is guaranteed to you.

Coniferous (juniper) - makes active biologically active points and zones, actively raises an exchange. It is applied at venous stagnation, intensifies peripheral blood circulation, disinfects.


If where is useful massage, then only in a bath, and it is necessary to do it only after 2 - 3 - go calling a steam room that provides deep warming up of muscles. Massage in a bath has especially medicinal properties. Without thorough warming up it is possible to do or cosmetic types of massage (anti-cellulite, for example), or those types in which local warming up is applied during massage (the hot stones special by the warming lotions etc.)