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Information medicine of

Though the term information medicine appeared the last several years, the mankind is familiar with this medicine for a long time.

The historical background

Information medicine is medicine which uses various methods and ways power - information influence on a human body. Its efficiency is based on three major factors:

1. Our organism interacts with external information streams which support us as a look and influence all spheres of our life - spiritual, physical and mental

2. As our active existence as persons is defined by a complex spiritually - the mental processes having power information character and it is necessary to influence them power - the information

3 methods. In total power - information components and technologies are copied from the natural ecological environment that completely corresponds to us as to structure of the personality and interaction with the world

surrounding us the Heteropathic (chemical) medicine is helpless here as, carrying out impact on an organism at the level of chemical processes and actively influencing an exchange and work of bodies, does not influence processes power - information, creating thereby tension and blocks leading to development of pathology - to diseases. It can be applied only to blocking (knocking over) of active pathological processes, but is not capable to cure at all - to normalize a condition of our organism. Besides, as its influence has deep collateral pathology, the organism state of health in general only worsens - this fact, obvious almost everything now, and leads to increase of interest in various options of ecotherapy and harmonization where the methods and means received from our ecological habitat are used.

When we interact with the technologies and processes having ecological character and harmonizing work of our bodies and systems, information medicine is one of these directions as the main idea and a method are in area of creation power - the information influences taken or based on elements or processes of the nature of the environment.

In the modern world of the western civilization development of homeopathy became one of such directions. The method is based on treatment by means of ecological and natural components of power information components and creation on their basis of medical preparations and agents. Treatment happens simple destruction of basic substance in the course of which there is an emission of a power information field in external space. For its catching and copyings are used ecologically neutral substances, such as the water and sugar capable to absorb this field.

At the same time:

1. Solid substance is simply pounded with sugar which in the course of grinding is copied power information radiation by me basic substance on the structure. Simply speaking, absorbs it. Respectively, it is also used further for preparation of preparations.

2. A dinamization method on water. Water actively absorbs power information fields, besides is very simple and convenient in use. Therefore when using water, water-soluble substances pass a step dinamization with gradual reduction of concentration. At reduction of concentration of substance in water there is also a destruction of power information communication and the choice of energy which is absorbed by water. Thus, destroying (dissolving a preparation), we transfer its information field to water, and then we use this water for preparation of preparations.

In general in the history of medicine the homeopathy is the first technology assuming to a sedum of a power information field from a material component what special technological process is developed for - we as if take out information enclosed in it from substance we use it for medical influence. However, power information technologies were applied in an extreme antiquity by the majority of traditional cultures. India as one of the most ancient cultures based on Vedic texts came to understanding of importance spiritually for a long time - mental and power processes and to their influence on health of the person. The Indian culture is unique in respect of an integrated approach to a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the first cultures in which the healthy lifestyle was realized in the form of the actions covering all spheres of spiritual, mental and physical human life. With the main influence of the harmonizing and medical procedures. For spiritual healing and correction of mentality - management of emotions of the person the complex of meditative procedures which sense consists in attuning of the person as systems on certain power information states is used. It management of biological time gave the chance to change conditions of mentality, function of a body mental, and even provided interaction with a gravitational field that led to change of body weight and a levitation (temporary zero gravity). As each state was defined by a certain purity of power information wave, the range of control was very high - from high over frequencies for contact good luck to quite material states for change of mass of bodies. Thus this culture has good opportunities for managements of our biology for this reason to it there is such high interest from the advanced members of the western society now. But the task is not so simple as it seems as in historical prospect of development of humanity, its forms and races, there was a contradiction in development of a body physical which practically remained invariable since times of Neanderthal men and power information biology which defines mentality and spirituality. Respectively there is a problem of adaptation of methods and means of traditional Indian culture for conditions of the modern world. Each traditional culture uses centuries and in the millennia the fulfilled technologies of harmonization which perfectly stabilize their own look. And simple transfer without adaptation is not possible as it can be harmful and affects destructively not only spiritual and mental functions, but also and a body physical.

Besides all these methods solve a problem of harmonization and biology under specific ecological conditions - the territory, climate and other.

Creation of medical preparations on the basis of gold, silver and copper is direct use of power information technology in the Indian culture. At production of these preparations the technology of information copying of properties of substances on water was used by method of their evaporation. For this purpose basic substance (gold, silver or copper) was put in a vessel with water and it was evaporated to a half. In the course of heating of water there was a radiation of a power information field of basic substance, and procedure of evaporation changed structure of water and fixed in it medicinal properties of metal. Thus there was as if a taking out of an information field of metal and its copying on water. Here, again - the fact that impact on our power information fields requires a power information field, but not an element as in our everyday life we often wear jewelry is important and in general we contact to gold and silver, but, certainly, it does not make so bright medical impact.

The preparations received thus on a water basis gained the medicinal properties corresponding to modern homeopathic medicines - aurum and argentum nitrikum in modern million cultivations.

For direct power information impact on an organism power pumping methods (power circulation activization) are used by simple short circuit of certain fingers of hands (are wise) that led to quite certain and powerful interaction on bodies and systems. Also complex methods of power correction by creation of certain provisions of hands, legs and bodies in general - hosannas (yoga) were used. The power information circulation arising at the same time is capable to influence a condition of mentality and regulation of bodies and systems actively.

The Tibetan medicine

One of the first medicine where the method of direct ecological similarity is used. For the last 200 years of development of homeopathic science, it had to gain the same knowledge of the scheme of impact of information components on our organism, but already simple by practical consideration. Therefore the Tibetan medicine - is a peculiar traditional option of power information medicine as here it is used:

1. Knowledge of influence of certain components on regulation of bodies and systems of the person

2. In some cases, there where it is necessary to apply a method of direct similarity, preparation of medical preparations of direct action according to the scheme took place: if bones hurt, a beret we take a sore bone (modern nozoda). Nozoda are power information preparations in which the medical power information field turns out from pathological components (sick bodies, allocations etc.)

3. Besides, in the Tibetan medicine the method of an active dinamization was applied (extraction of a power information field from natural agents by a simple method of grinding in conic bronze pritira - as a nose at a samovar). In the course of what there was a destruction of medical components and activization of their power field. Then on the basis of these grindings water solutions which usual purpose was in the form of drops prepared. Application of medical preparations a type of drops leads to higher decrease in concentration of matter and like action of homeopathic medicines in centesimal cultivations.

The Chinese medicine

As well as all traditional medicine, it is based on ancient traditions and certainly has one roots - one source with Old Indian and Tibetan medicine. But as any traditional culture applies influence methods the most effective and adaptive under this race. The ecosystem considers even a difference of climatic and regional conditions in the territory of China. So in the north of China where the major negative factor is the cold and wind, cauterizations and moksa are applied. In the south of China where more dysfunctions there are more energy - acupuncture is applied. Respectively, the first option gives in the north more power-intensive influence as there is not enough energy, and in the south of China where it is a lot of energy, but dysfunctions prevail, acupuncture as direct functional and information influence is applied. But the main value of traditional Chinese medicine for modern science is the theory of course of Qi on an organism in which course of power information processes of our organism and their influence on our bodies and systems and the corresponding methods of their correction is in detail described.

Here it must be kept in mind that in this culture it is modern spiritual and mental problems are not considered and all attention is paid to correction of a body physical - to a condition of its bodies and systems. However, the question of spirituality and morality was solved in China very peculiar: in Celestial Empire empires the system of cultural and moral values was entered (simply tenor of life which did not change in the millennia). Speaking to the modern language, the stable psychoemotional climate then it was necessary to care only for a body physical was created. And not for nothing the wish “was the worst of Chinese curses to live during an era of changes“.

From what follows that during an era of changes, namely we also have it in our life - high dynamism and spontaneity of economic and social structure of our society, methods of correction and stabilization in the form of a healthy lifestyle which stabilizes mentality and health of the person are so important. Therefore the healthy lifestyle has to be system of spiritual, mental norms and rules which maintain our stability during an era of changes and a stress. And as these changes peracute, their compensation in the form of special measures within our way of life is necessary.

A current state of power information science

Technical progress at emergence of information technologies, such as the computer, the Internet etc. created conditions for emergence of information technologies. The digital system of storage and information transfer founded on a bit code - 0 - 1 ideally corresponds to the power information field of our organism having quantum character - the same 0 and 1. Respectively, we have similarity of information structures and for this reason digital systems are extremely effective for storage and processing of power information technologies. It is possible to tell that there was a revolution in transition from analog systems of storage and information processing to digital. Here water homeopathic solution is just analog way of storage of information similar to a magnetic tape of the ordinary tape recorder. Exactly the same scheme and problems when on a magnetic tape there are the main signal and noise which it is almost not possible to get off - the same and with water solutions.

However, systems “similar character of our world“ are shown in everything. Besides, in analog option it was not possible to receive the exact copy - it always a little, but differed. In the same way at preparation homeopathic solutions there is always additional information on the room, influence of ware in which the preparation, and even the person who trained him just because water absorbed all surrounding information prepared. It was at the level of noise and could not influence significantly actions of preparations, but it was. And only transition to digital technologies gives the chance to receive the power information agent or influence with a necessary frequency and as the pleasing number of its similar and exact copies.

Development of means of the Internet creates absolutely unique possibility of delivery of these preparations (power information influences) directly on the house, and cellular communication gives the chance to have all power of power information medicine near at hand anywhere - on vacation, on the way, in the car. As each inhabitant of our planet has digital means of communication almost, information medicine becomes available practically to everyone and can be used for the benefit of all mankind literally.