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What hampers the growth of the young businessman?

If you are the head of small firm and you were bothered by lack of an opportunity to quickly obtain information on all parties of its activity, and your employees not always own operational financial data on activity of firm - read attentively this text up to the end.

How to have an opportunity always to have the finger on the pulse of your firm, and from any place?

Several recommendations for the young businessman:

1. To get rid of plates in Excel, notebooks and napominatelny stickers on the monitor, of the paper reports and schedules drawn by hand.

Everything that happens in your company - has to be registered and is stored in uniform information base. The program remembers everything: each buyer, all prices, all discounts and conditions of sales, all orders, all obligations.

2. To obtain information important for decision-making, such as:

a. Cash flow (from whom received to whom paid),

b. A payment calendar (when it is necessary to pay and from whom to wait),

with. Income and expenses, profits and losses,

d. Calculations with debtors / creditors,

e. A condition of orders (whether everything is executed whether everything is executed in time, whether all are happy),

f. Plans - schedules of works and loading of resources (if there is production, then it is possible to analyse load of people, machines (equipment), floor spaces)

g. Dynamics and the analysis of sales and other administrative reports (we learn as to whom, in what quantity and on what)

3. To plan the activity - financial planning (budgeting), planning of sales, loadings of personnel, loading of resources of the enterprise and so forth

4. To exercise control - maintaining schedules of performance of work and production, loading of resources, shipments and deliveries of goods, dresses and tasks of employees provides an operating control of activity

5. To try to make work as more productive - due to automation of routine operations.

6. to have access to information from every spot on the globe - on the Internet (this mechanism is available without purchase of the special equipment, and the special software).

Fortunately, modern IT of technology will help to realize all above-mentioned. Efficiency, the required depth of specification of any information concerning activity of your firm, relevance of information on any concrete timepoint - all these data will always be at you near at hand.