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How with guarantee to benefit from any training?

became popular trainings and the other developing programs Presently. Despite advantage of training, many people are very careful in the choice. And some are so skeptical that choose free self-education. But whether self-education suffices, or trainings can give something too? And how to receive the maximum advantage for the money?

On these and other questions I will try to give the answer.

In - the first, I suggest for a start to be defined in the purposes and intentions . Depending on your purposes, and ways will be different. It is worth beginning any business with this step.

In - the second, we will decide by on concepts and purposes of each training program . Seminars are where tell. Courses can include theoretical and practical part. Trainings are where train, practice.

Whether it is always possible to obtain independently information which is given at seminars? the Answer is not so unambiguous as it seems. Of course, self-education it is possible and it is necessary to be engaged. And a lot of things can be learned independently. However at seminars often tell not only about what is public. The speech can go about experience of overcoming of any problem. Or about new aspect, a view of a problem on the other hand. Or about progressive ways of the decision, their pluses and minuses.

Our point of view often unilateral and to expand it, new opinions, seminars and courses help to see the new horizons. Sometimes with new knowledge of people as if lights up with the decisions, to it interesting ideas and thoughts come. If you feel that you “went in cycles“, got stuck, got “to a bog“, then can safely visit any seminar on the subject concerning you. Except opinion of the leader, you have an opportunity to communicate, experience and thoughts with other participants of a seminar or a course. And also you have an opportunity to establish new relations, acquaintances.

Courses are a certain intermediate link between seminars and trainings. Here it is possible both to obtain information, and to master practical part. While seminars or trainings can occupy all one or three days, on passing of courses months leave. It makes sense to choose courses when you want to receive new specialty or allow to increase the knowledge, experience in the available specialty etc. of

Trainings for short term a maximum of practical skills . At first sight, exactly trainings are the most useful and necessary. However, to receive the maximum advantage of training, it is necessary to be ready to a practical training. That is independently (or by means of seminars, paid consultations) to pass a way of understanding, definition and decision-making. Training gives the instrument of implementation of your decision.

Let`s say you decided to become the self-assured person. You passed a way of understanding: understood that essence of your problems in uncertainty in themselves, accepted in themselves this problem and now you look for ways of its overcoming. In this case you suit trainings on this subject.

Third, very important point. No training, a course or a seminar will bring you benefit if you at the same time do not want anything to do. The more you count on own forces, the more will be advantage in any your action. have not enough

of Knowledge or experience which you got on training for change of the life. Cardinal improvements require full judgment and independent practice . Constant, everyday until you do not feel that you really became other person.

Once I happened to visit the training devoted to a feminity subject. On occupations I learned a lot of new, participated in exercises, actively performed all tasks. Feelings were remarkable, indescribable. And when all occupations ended, I understood that I have not enough of it. Also began houses to carry out all that learned on training. Three months of everyday occupations later I felt that my world changed.

However the soul demanded further development, and I inspired with an anticipation of new went to the following training in the same center. I was a little surprised by presence of many women from last time. They said that everything very much was pleasant to them therefore came here, for the same pleasant feelings . Further, watching life of the center, I noticed the same faces. Also understood that people made nothing. Women and girls did not work on themselves. And now pay money for that it made pleasantly. It turned not into receiving advantage, and in dependence on the it is “pleasant“.

Therefore - the fourth: practice. Take everything that you were given, and actively introduce it in the life, apply, profit from it here and now . That trainings in your life did not turn into the real expenditure of money and time, be able to stop yourself in time.

New fulfillments to you and new knowledge!