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The weapon for self-defense “Cordon“. What is this traumatic interesting by “nedopistolt“? Models

So, “CORDON“ ( K ompaktny the SHOUTING uzhy D la O a trazheniye N subsidence) - the besstvolny traumatic gun. I ask not to confuse to the Ukrainian gun “CORDON“ of caliber. 22LR.

Taktiko - technical characteristics

Type: Traumatic, besstvolny gun.

Weight, kg: 170 g (without cartridges).

Length, mm: 89.

Boss: 18ő45.

Calibre, mm: 18.

Initial speed of a bullet, m/s: more than 300.

Aim range, m: 8.

Type of ammunition supply: shop on 4 boss

the Source: Wikipedia .


1. Supercompactness. The arms can be carried even in a breast pocket, and it will not be noticeable.

2. Not similar to the weapon that guarantees suddenness of application.

3. Faster perezaryazhaniye, than at the closest competitors. There is an opportunity to equip cartridges during firing - instead of shot to insert a new cartridge. Competitors have no such opportunity in principle, the design of the weapon does not allow.

3. At a misfire not shot cartridge “is spat out“, and the weapon is ready to the following shot.

4. The price of the weapon is almost twice less, than at the WASP of 4 - 1 ML traumatic gun, at more compact sizes and the same unit of fire.


1. The producer outright forbids use of alarm and light cartridges.

2. One battery. At the closest competitors of “CORDON“, “WASP“ and “Policeman“ - 2. Besides, in “CORDON“ there is no built-in indicator of level of battery charging. Elementetot can sit down, and... at the right time the shot, naturally, will not occur. The charge of the battery can be checked only by means of special the test - the boss with the built-in light indicator (is included in the package arms supplies).

3. Too short, inconvenient handle.

4. The last sleeve often is not thrown out, and it should be “shaken out“.

5. After a shot powder ashes the forefinger strongly becomes soiled. After firing the finger looks as the companion at one of forums, “as smoked vegetable“ was neatly expressed.

Further developers added LTsU and the indicator of the category of the battery to usual, superminimalist “CORDON“, and the CORDON - L“, more advanced modification of four-charging “CORDON“ turned out “.

“The CORDON - 5“. This model was born tormently too... So, in 2009. the A+A firm announced “the CORDON - 6“, apparently from the name, the six-charging shooting device. Bomb! Over four cartridges in devices of caliber 18ő45 for the present were not. But... The project was closed for the unknown reasons. On the website of the producer some time there was information of type: “At the moment works with a six-charging CORDON are suspended“, then and it disappeared. But the idea - that remained! And here to replace four-charging “CORDON“ already there passes the new model “CORDON - 5“ with five charges. At design numerous wishes of consumers what it is directly told on an official page of the producer of ru/site/katalog/orujie_samooborony/4 about / were considered.

“The weapon of self-defense of the CORDON - 5 model is modification in lots of produced four-charging “CORDON“. Modernization of “CORDON“ is carried out on numerous wishes of potential consumers. Five-charging, but not six-charging, “CORDON“ appeared as a result of the analysis of opinions of many people, including - participants of a forum “Guns. ru“.

Following wishes of consumers “the CORDON -“ became 5... less minimalist and more convenient. The pleasant moment is the anatabka - fastening for a safety thong, on the back of the handle of fifth “CORDON“, also for convenience relief notches from all directions of the handle are made. Modification with the built-in indicator of the category of the battery and LTsU is issued. The ergonomics at “the CORDON - 5“ are better too - is where to put a little finger.

Weight is slightly more, the area of contact with a palm too, therefore, return is less. Besides, it is more convenient to hold the fifth model two hands.

At the same time it is still rather compact to be located in a pocket, though became much heavier - 190 g without cartridges (165 g at 4 - charging), 307 g with completely equipped shop (256 g at 4 - charging).

The special attention is paid to safety. Especially to process of discharge of the loaded cartridges. Process of a discharge of the fifth model and usual (four-charging) “CORDON“ differ essentially. In “CORDON“ discharge of the weapon is made by removal from a safety lock and procrastination by the boss`s finger back that it left from - under the holding emphasis. It becomes at the installed battery and the removed safety lock. If at this time it is casual to pull the trigger, the shot will follow. “The CORDON - 5“ can be discharged only at completely removed battery and pressing a cock, imitating firing. It is simple to pull out them as on old model, does not give the pin made specially that the top boss did not drop out from blow from below or shake-ups as was at old “CORDON“.

The aim line of fifth “CORDON“ is slightly longer, than at “WASP“ and “Policeman“ that does an aiming to more exact. Though in the presence of a laser tseleukazatel hardly anyone will aim a front sight. Well, and besides, events from which has to protect “CORDON“ take place more often in a night-time when the front sight with entirely is simply not visible.

What to tell in conclusion... Very much I advise those who suffers the choice of the traumatic weapon - look narrowly at “CORDON“.