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The weapon for self-defense “Cordon“. What is this traumatic interesting by “nedopistolt“? History of creation

this Piece is absolutely unlike the terrible weapon of self-defense. However appearance is deceptive. The blow of a rubber bullet with the steel core is approximately equal to blow of the trained boxer. And on appearance - any plastinochka in a hand, does not cause sense of danger in the forward who is especially armed.

History of creation of this device, especially latest model “the CORDON - 5“, reminds bible history: “Abraham gave birth to Isaak; Isaak gave birth to Jacob; Jacob gave birth to Judas and his brothers...“ And “CORDON“ was born long, tormently.

The idea was stated in far 2002 - m when in the market interesting “gadget“ - “BLOW“ already successfully was on sale ( U a stroystvo D ozirovanny A erozolny P an aspyleniye) - the gas weapon which represents shop on five cartridges with with great dispatch - the trigger mechanism. Serves as a trunk a dulets of the sleeve - a barrel. The idea lay on a surface, it is simple to remake “BLOW“ under firing by traumatic cartridges.

The Tula firm “A+A“ undertook to realize this idea. The working name of the Shooting Fist project captured the concept essence - to make the effective weapon of self-defense which is finding room in a fist. The device was developed for maximum efficiency under the most powerful Russian traumatic cartridge of that time - 18õ45 mm with electric ignition.

Lyrical digression. the Weapon under a cartridge of 18õ45 mm with electric ignition is intended for self-defense at distances to 10 meters, however to a distance by which it is necessary to be guided - to 5 meters. A gunpowder charge weak, a bullet very heavy so all the traumatic gun under this cartridge considerably “nizit“ already at distance over 5 meters.

The most known and widespread type of weapon under this cartridge - the besstvolny four-charging gun PB - 4th “WASP“. This is developed “striped nasekomy“ at the beginning of 1997 under the leadership of Candidate of Technical Sciences G. A. Bideev in scientific research institute of applied chemistry (Sergiyev Posad, the Moscow region), it is produced serially since 1999. Ammunition became famous for quite poor quality. Cartridges 18õ45 are made by several Russian producers, have strong dispersion of parameters. Frequent misfires still, more than 10 years, are a subject of disputes at “traumatic“ forums, from the series “under what cartridge travmatik it is more reliable“.

Also in Russia two-charging besstvolny guns of caliber 18õ45 - “Policeman“ and “the Wasp - Aegis“ are made. However, considering poor quality of ammunition and impossibility to quickly recharge the weapon, such guns can rather be considered single shot as nobody knows, both boss or only one will shoot at the right time. Therefore four-charging “WASP“ still, more than 10 years later from the date of emergence in the market, out of competition. Buying “WASP“ even the price, almost in one and a half above two-charging models does not frighten.

First prototype of “CORDON“ (2005) there was “BOSS“ - the six-charging gun of caliber 18õ45, management of firing from which was made by shift a rychazhka a thumb of the right hand (similar to the BLOW device). Device case completely plastic. During tests numerous shortcomings of a design, too strong return, the big sizes, weakness of the plastic case etc. came to light. For example, the case of the gun collapsed after three hundred shots. Plus to operate “the shooting vehicle“ a thumb... Unusually somehow. And the BOSS project was frozen, but its practices formed the basis of first “CORDON“ which successfully is on sale and until now.

1. The quantity of cartridges was reduced from six to four.

2. The original mechanism of production of a shot and extraction of a shot sleeve is developed and patented. Now the trigger was in the same place where at all guns, the shot was made by a forefinger.

3. The additional automatic safety lock is entered: to shoot, it is necessary to squeeze the device handle densely.

4. The gun case - the strong steel frame pressed in plastic.

And set of small completions.

In this device everything was subordinated to simplicity and minimization: there were even no built-in indicator of level of the category of the battery, LTsU (a laser sight) and a protective bracket of a trigger.

So in 2006 the direct competitor to “WASP“, same four-charging, more imperceptible was born at the hidden carrying and... at the price almost twice the cheapest way. This weapon has the sizes of a pack of cigarettes and is almost deprived of speakers of details which can be hooked for clothes at fast extraction outside.

Interesting fact. the weapon, Very similar to “CORDON“, is released in the USA. This Thumper device (“The striking blow“) is called. It is intended only for the staff of law enforcement agencies, to ordinary citizens is not on sale. About it it is directly written on the official site of the producer, the Priax Corporation priax company. com. Trick! Means, “there, in the Wild West“ similar devices are considered more dangerous than a service pistol. By the way, energy of a shot of “Thumper“ - about 40 J, is twice less, than at “CORDON“ (“WASP“, “Aegis“ or “Policeman“) - 70 - 90 J.

It is connected possibly with the fact that:

1) “not lethality“ of ammunition provokes to apply it in situations where citizens would never use the conventional, military weapon;

2) dissimilarity on small arms;

3) it is almost impossible to identify the weapon on the shot rubber bullet.

Be continued.