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Drama “The Person Who Changed Everything“. How to calculate a victory?

“All“ in understanding of authors of the movie are a favourite American lapta under the name baseball. It is possible long and even furiously to argue that baseball - the perverted type of cricket, but we will not spit in a back to transatlantic sports patriotism.

Pushchay love to themselves quietly and enjoy game. Same it is so pleasant when all the. Soccer, for example, for some reason strongly looking like rugby. However, Bennett Miller`s picture at all not about it. More precisely - not absolutely about it, and in particular. Though the abundance of sports terms of many domestic audience can enter into a stupor. It is difficult to empathize when from dialogue of characters only interjections are clear.

In the American baseball league (The western division if to whom to google laziness) there is an Auckland team of Atletiks. Not the latest in league, by the way. Such strong middling capable in time to nadavat punches to leaders and disgracefully to merge final fight in fight against the outsider. Unpredictable such team. Who how you think, has the decisive word in baseball? Sponsors are owners - shareholders? Captain? Trainer? Each to their own, but reins of government are in hands of the general manager. In our case - at the slogger - the loser Billey Bing whose image on the screen was embodied by elegantly maturing Brad Pitt.

Billey grew up in the conditions of misunderstanding own “I“. Having made a fatal flaw in youth, he chose from hands of swindlers - scouts (specialists in search of young sports talents) not that tablet in this connection he missed cheerful alcoholic years of students. Instead of a grant in prestigious college of Billey handed a form and a bat, having sent in the field to submit public the universal opportunities. The young man, that is characteristic, suddenly became puzzled and was not until the end of the flimsy career in sport. Having broken a lot of stock about fences, it did not turn from a toad into the princess, and as a result went to those scouts. Whether from revenge to mankind, whether wishing datshans to others and to dissuade them, while the getting is good.

History finds us at that fatal moment when Billey afflicted with dull loss of the team in ply - off, goes to the boss to ask still money. It to nobody the necessary opinion such is that Auckland - a milk cow for the teams which were more provided with bank notes. They did not manage to give chance to young and perspective juniors - and look-! These ungrateful, but already highly paid “stars“ play for New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox. “Traitors“ rake in the shekels, and the poor creature Billey Bing is forced to kowtow to uncompromising sponsors and to look for replacement to the players who left structure. Finance sings romances, competitors cheap out and do not hand over good guys. Disabled people, cranks, pensioners, anyone. The others - not for sale.

Having despaired to create a miracle from scratch, Billey faces the young graduate of Yale Peter Brend working as the systems analyst for team - the rival. Brend, though is young, but understands baseball not less, than full and confident Bing`s scouts in the forces. His confidence is based on matematichesko - logical approach to game. Like, it is not necessary to give vent to emotions. A human factor it is possible and it is necessary to exclude. Statistics - to all the head, and it cards in hands. Having analysed the most part of players of league, Brend came to a conclusion that if to multiply statpokazatel of certain losers, then it is possible to create the present an uber - the soldier. Forgive, team of dream.

The bin idea of the young assistant flashed, like a pioneer fire. Fell out with the veterans - scouts and entered the aching confrontation with the trainer to whom to a star all these youth counters and buns. It in the field should remove team, but not to dream of a champion`s title on the computer. He perceives kinks of the manager through a prism of the experience and is not going to dance under a pipe of any student with big ambitions.

And team meanwhile everything loses and loses, slowly plunging into swill of failures. The coco does not grow, the crocodile is not caught, and foully the brisk ball aims to slide off a bat. Bing is chikhvostit by all who feel like it, he precipitately replaced tactics and stopped up holes in team with some losers. The native family in the person of the daughter - the teenager is seriously concerned by career of the father who promised to save up money for college. But Bing keeps the good fellow because believes that the invention will burn out sooner or later. Well, or burn it all with a blue flame.

To us, people far from baseball passions, shchenyachya devotion of the manager will be unclear in details, but is truly clear if to look panoramno. Such fighter for idea leading branch at the price of tests and mistakes. In the Soviet and Russian sport of such people it is not enough too, but they are. However, the film about them is not shot yet. We have priorities a little others, we clone Hollywood so far. But one never knows, when also our strategists from the world of sport will get 15 minutes of film glory. Main thing, that not posthumously.

Unexpectedly the homeland fell in love with Miller`s tape, and critics even nominated the movie for four awards “Gold Globe“ which ceremony, by the way, the other day took place in Beverley - Hillz. But history with “The invisible party“ did not repeat (both movies, by the way, are shot according to novels of the writer Michael Lewis). Feeling of a view of the modern sports arena anxious only with money and image, did not jar on jury. Globes went to other hands, and Pitt and associates were left high and dry, like the hero of the movie. Whom to blame? Perhaps, Brad to which the grin of the raging guerrilla went much more, than a significant image of the manager anxious with destiny of team. Pitt is naturally good that he frightens off awards. Too obvious choice, so to say.

“The person who changed everything“ - very Hollywood film shot with the obvious and well felt sight on the Oscar. Pitt, by the way, acted in a picture also the producer that absolutely reduces his potential chances to have a figurine. To its akterstvo there are no claims, but … somehow all too exactly. Without anguish. Academicians love that the nominee shed a tear or shouted to somebody in a face. Billey Bing not such. He tries to obtain the boring persistence. Only chairs and a sports equipment suffer. The objects which do not have an opportunity to hit back.

The cinema standing regardless of your relation to baseball. Unpredictable, interesting in characters and dialogues. Fine musical registration, competent installation. But to reconsider it does not pull. Also there is nobody to sympathize there. More precisely, there is no need.