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Epiphany. Ice-hole. To dive or not?

If we address, for example, “Wikipedia“, then we learn that the Baptism of the Lord is the Christian holiday celebrated in honor of Jesus Christ`s baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.

During a baptism, according to the Gospel, on Jesus the Holy Spirit in the form of a pigeon descended. Along with it the Voice from Heaven proclaimed: “Seius is the Son my beloved in Whom my goodwill“.

Every year on January 19 in Russia the great holiday - the Baptism of the Lord is celebrated. In Russia for the Epiphany it is accepted to consecrate water, including in natural reservoirs. The integral tradition of a holiday of the Epiphany in Russia is bathing in an ice-hole. In old times was considered that the person, having crossed and having plunged into an ice-hole 3 times, washes away from itself the sin acquired on fortune-telling in the Christmas-tide (12 days from Christmas holiday).

Every year bathing in an ice-hole becomes more and more popular among the population of Russia. What moves people? Relying on own experience, I can tell that at everyone for this ritual the motives. And actually unambiguously it is impossible to judge it.

In - the first, this especially voluntary put. Everyone has to be solved, without pressure from outside. To measure all by one ruler as at us it is accepted, it is inappropriate here. Of course, there is a small share bathing on the Epiphany “for the company“ or in drunk waste. Therefore it would be quite good to carry out “face control“ on an entrance in iordan. The belief has to direct the person in this case. And how to trust and in what, to choose to it. The Nautilus Pompilius group has good words: “It is possible to trust also in the absence of belief, it is possible to do also absence things …“

In - the second if the person from the birth sickly or already earned the whole bunch of diseases, you should not think that it is worth plunging into an ice-hole, and at once everything will pass. Miracles happen, but it is not system. Not for nothing told ancient: “God helps those who help themselves“. Therefore play sports, become tempered - will not be superfluous. And ice water to the healthy person only on advantage.

In - the third if decided, then it is necessary to be prepared. Take with yourself replaceable swimming trunks, a towel, rubber slippers, warm clothes, footwear and hot tea. For what all these things are necessary, I think, and it is so clear. Only I want to note that slippers are necessary for bathing and to reach to the place of disguise because wet legs have property to stick to ice on a frost.

It is desirable to drive up to the place of bathing by car that was where then to be warmed and drink a tea. Except all above-mentioned, it is quite good to have with itself a rug for disguise and a warm dressing gown, then disguise process much more becomes simpler.

And in - the fourth, do not dive anywhere. Bathing has to be carried out only in specially equipped places and it is desirable under supervision of rescuers. Well, or as a last resort relatives or friends. God helps those who help themselves. If there is no opportunity to bathe in a reservoir, then have just a shower bath water from - under the crane. It is possible also on a frost. In day of the Baptism of the Lord all water on Earth is consecrated.

In conclusion the small instruction on carrying out the process based on own long-term experience.

Before bathing needs to put on houses bathing swimming trunks and warm clothes in advance. The clothes have to be free. It is easier to put on such clothes on just threadbare, not absolutely dry body.

Before departure needs to be eaten well as the full person freezes less.

needs to leave Whenever possible heated-up car as it is possible closer to the place of bathing. If there is no car, then in advance consider how to get home, without having frozen.

Ask the person close to you to help - that was present and helped to put on. It is better to undress closer to Jordan too.

you come Into an ice-hole in slippers (why - it is described above).

Accurately decide how you will be dipped - with the head or without. Having executed a ceremony, be not late, at once you pass to the place of clothing. If sensitivity to a frost and health allows, then it is possible to enjoy several seconds heat which will run on a body after bathing. Bathing the second, third time, you will constantly “listen“ to the feelings.

Having risen on a rug, be quickly pounded by a towel and put on a dressing gown. Having changed clothes of swimming trunks, we begin clothing.

it is better for span to Put on at first from above - it is always easier to throw with a body shirt or a polo-neck, than trousers. Also do not forget a cap. And further from below up.

By the way, at an undressing surely put socks in footwear that then not to look for them.

Put on? I congratulate! Now at you will be what to remember in the summer hot afternoon, especially if there are photos.

With a holiday of the Baptism of the Lord!