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The virtual desktop (we save on computers)

Is about the organization of workplaces at offices, in not - big objects of retail trade (if the software allows), schools, public organizations and so on.

For the organization of workplaces, for example, at office, the necessary number of computers depends on the number of workers. These are at least three computers plus the basic operating computer - already four.

And power of these computers is much more, than it is necessary for the same office or even school for assimilation of school programs.

Besides, in such establishments use as a rule the minimum of the software - it is a text editor like Openoffice well and the printer, the copier and so on.

as a result of about 90% of opportunities of computers just is not used. Whether it is possible to resolve this issue in the economic plan and if yes - that as? the NComputing company releases

C of 2009 the device for connection of a virtual desktop on the basis of Windows OS.

Is the device is connected via USB or LAN sockets, the software on the basic computer is installed, the socket of the monitor, a mouse and keyboards of other workplace and all is connected.

the device from 1 to 5 Watts depending on the number of ports of connection, that is quantity of workplaces. There now also consider

, since economy on electricity, the license Windows OS and at last the computer. The device costs approximately from $60

At the prices it is possible to google in search of N316 - 1014, it is the NComputing U - 170 (USB Connect) model In Russia approximate, retail price 3900 r, but I think it is possible to find cheaper.

can connect up to 10 devices U of a series To one basic computer.

However is today already the NComputing o &ndash device; 550 series which is connected to the computer through LAN an entrance.

of LAN an entrance allows to install computers on more long distance from the basic computer to 10 meters. Thanks to the software of NComputing, at the exit we receive the independent and not interfering with each other users.

One user can work with a text editor, another - to watch DVD as both devices, U - 170 and X - 550 - do not lose the multimedia abilities 1600 x 1200

Adding to the computer additional LAN the entrance which is included in the package of delivery it is possible to connect to the computer up to 30 users, depending on brand of the device and quantity of entrances.

the Correct selection of the device can solve also more complex problems, than just office. The choice for vami:et two devices only an example and an opportunity to set parameters of search of Google.

I one more important question: installation does not demand additional troubles on routing, it is necessary just to connect the device and to establish the software.

A in retail trade - even if ON object does not allow to use this device, I think at desire it is possible podnapryach programmers in writing small fixes for the solution of this problem. Whether it is worth so it?