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We pass THAT. To what to be ready?

Since January 1, 2012 came into force the changed rules of passing of checkup (THAT). These changes have to simplify this procedure and liquidate turns on the points. The list of new rules was corrected according to the international requirements imposed to the vehicles (V) when passing THAT.

New rules established the following important things: by

- described procedure of an order of rendering services in carrying out technical inspection;

- are established requirements imposed when carrying out technical inspection of vehicles of separate categories;

- is defined area of accreditation of future operators of technical inspection;

- is established duration of technical diagnosing of all categories of vehicles;

- is claimed a form of the diagnostic card.

But what specifically changes were made and as there will take place the procedure now, we were not told. Let`s try to understand.

New form of the coupon THAT.

1. Checkup passes under supervision of the Russian union of autoinsurers. It means that now the coupon of checkup is directly attached to the policy of the CMTPL, i.e. without technical coupon the insurance company will refuse registration of an insurance.

2. Accreditation of the new stations came into force since January 1, 2012.

3. If period of validity of the coupon of checkup expires less than in six months, will also refuse to us purchase of the policy. At first checkup - then the autocitizen.

4. Frequency of passing THAT. Here changes concerned only new cars. New cars are exempted from passing THAT and the technical coupon is issued it automatically for three years.

5. New order of obtaining coupon THAT. With the car age is more senior than three years it is necessary to pass checkup, then to buy the policy of the CMTPL - without talonchik to us it will not sell, and only then we register the car.

6. Since January 1, 2012 the staff of traffic police officially has the right to check only an insurance. Existence of the policy of the CMTPL - already confirmation that checkup is taken place. Also also the sanction for lack of the coupon THAT is cancelled. The exception is made for taxi drivers, drivers of buses and other who is engaged in commercial transportations. For them responsibility for not passable checkup remained. And will check existence of the policy as earlier. I will remind that for its absence not only the penalty, but also an operation ban with deprivation of the state signs threatens.

Interests many if the insurance is issued at the end of 2011, and comes to an end at the beginning of 2012 whether it is possible not to pass before the end of action of an insurance. In principle, it is possible, traffic polices will not check the coupon THAT, but unknown remain one moment: if there is a road accident and there is an insurance, but there is no whether the insurance company can cancel an insurance and to recognize it invalid? So the decision for you.

7. Place of passing THAT. Since 2012 checkup of the car can be passed in any region of the country, and not just in a car place of registration. In Moscow since December 1, 2011 order taking for passing THAT on the Internet is entered.

8. Documents.

For passing THAT it are only required for b:

1) identity card;

2) certificate on registration of the vehicle;

3) if the driver is not the owner of a car, the power of attorney which can be made in a simple written form is necessary and it is not certified notarially.

The policy of the CMTPL is made out after passing THAT.

9. Cost THAT. by

will not raise the state duty Now, it will be included in the cost of the insurance policy, i.e. due to cancellation of the state duty on THAT CMTPL quotations will be lifted.

Now at detection of malfunction in cars, repeated inspection will be performed on a paid basis.

Maximum prices of this procedure were counted by Federal Tariff Service.

Local authorities can quote the prices which are not exceeding established by federal body.

Preferential categories of citizens pay for THAT as everything now, the system of discounts is not developed for them yet.

10. Passing speed THAT. Now time of survey of the car will not exceed

30 minutes (till 2012 42 minutes), and cargo (to 3,5 t) - 32 minutes (instead of 47 minutes).

Time of passing was reduced because now will not examine a speedometer, the tachograph and existence of the first-aid kit.

Here in principle and all innovations. And they will lead to the best or on the contrary, to solve to everyone most. Only somehow it is not easier for me that I will not show the first-aid kit and at me will not watch serviceability of a speedometer and the tachograph therefore procedure will be 12 minutes faster that yet not the fact. But the price THAT and the CMTPL will increase. THAT will gradually pass into private hands and will become business, and respectively, and the prices will be not fixed. At the moment there are a lot of defects, and only time will show, whether to the best for motorists these changes, or as usual.

Trips pleasant to you and happy road!