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Uninvited guests: what has to be in the refrigerator?

you Stay at home quietly, you touch nobody, rummage in the Internet, here read this article, and here just as at cinema - a sudden call to a door! To you guests came. Perhaps on the occasion of some forgotten holiday, like day of a profession, or perhaps just friends decided to make to you a pleasant surprise.

And here in a hall the whole crowd swinging bottles with strong drinks, boxes with candies and cakes becomes hollow. A mute scene under the name “We Did Not Wait for You, and You Were Secured“.

And guests it is very transparent hint that not bad to sit down at a table and to celebrate so pleasant meeting. Especially as all with. “In total“ - it drinks and a cake mean. Strangely enough, for all life I never saw that someone thought to bring with itself a stick of sausage or long loaf (an exception relatives make - they can be also with the products). Usually guests count on the refrigerator of owners. Here also there comes the truth moment - what to feed guests with? Taking into account that it is necessary to set the table that is called at rate of a waltz, guests already came!

Plus in this situation is that uninvited guests do not expect any culinary delicacy. Minus - it is necessary to feed - that nevertheless.

The first means in such situation - potatoes boiled. Fast we peel potatoes and we put it to cook. While it reaches standard, it is necessary to rummage in a deep freeze - suddenly the fat piece was overlooked there. It would be just ideal, fat can be cut in minutes five after extraction from the freezer, and here meat in such situation can be divided into parts only by means of the hammer and a chisel, or as a last resort the axe or a saw. So we take fat, we cut it in cubes and we fry with onions. We season with this happiness potatoes. Hot dish already available.

If there are frozen mushrooms - in a fried look they will be fine addition to potato with fat. Especially if in the refrigerator sour cream was found. In this case mushrooms will be in smetanny sauce - it is possible to tell, a delicacy.

For that time while potatoes cook and fat is fried, we get canned food grists: marinated tomatoes and cucumbers, mushrooms, sauerkraut and other autumn house preparations.

Existence in the refrigerator of ten eggs - rescue drowning. A fine dish - eggs under mayonnaise. Only it is also required that to boil hard boiled eggs, to cut them on halves, to spread out artly on a plate and to water with mayonnaise. If there was a greens bunch - to small crumble and strew eggs.

If at you was bank of fish canned food, then it is possible to make pie still. The fast recipe will demand (except fish canned food):

- flour - 200 g;

- sour cream - 200 g;

- mayonnaise - 100 g;

- egg - 3 pieces;

- extinguished vinegar soda - 1 teaspoon.

From banks with canned food liquid merges, and fish warms up a fork. Onions are cut by rings or half rings and browned in vegetable oil, lean back on a napkin to get rid of surplus of oil, and then mix up with fish. Ingredients for the test mix up by means of the mixer, a half pours out in a form, the stuffing from above gives all the best, then the second half of the test pours out. Pie in an oven of 20-25 minutes is baked. As a stuffing it is possible to use the sauerkraut which is previously fried with tomato sauce, mushrooms, fried with onions, and so on.

But happens that in the refrigerator is really empty - at first sight. On the second it turns out that products all - are, just it is not enough of them. It is a little sausage, a meat piece, several potatoes, the forgotten quarter of a cabbage head of cabbage, a two-three of apples and so on. It seems, everything is, but how to divide 100 grams of sausage into 5-6 people of guests? Here it is a high time to remember the recipe of lrish stew so with inspiration described by Jerome (“Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)“). Any products enter lrish stew. As Jerome claimed, devoted Monmoransi even tried to offer the owner a rat, but here the dog, of course, went too far.

So if in the refrigerator it is almost empty - it is necessary to cook lrish stew according to Jerome`s recipe minus opinion of Monmoransi. That is the found products are located in a stewpan and are peacefully extinguished. The similar dish is ready already in half an hour - just time to develop a table, to get plates and tableware. Small nuance - if you are going to use both potato, and cabbage for this dish, then the cabbage needs to be added when potato is already ready, otherwise potato will be hardish.

As a matter of fact if you have friends and/or relatives inclined to the device of “guest“ surprises, then just it is worth holding houses an emergency set of products. The simply, inexpensive, with long storage - potatoes, fat, various marinades, fish canned food, ten eggs.

With such set it is possible to feed crowd of hungry guests, and it is not necessary to redden at an empty table.