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How to react to criticism? All of us do not love

when we are criticized... Not important, there is it in private life, in work or just in line for sausage. Anyway it is unpleasant as the strong blow to the ego can take out not everyone.

One criticism offends, angers others, some sets thinking and revise the words and acts. Happens that the furious criticism even pushes people on suicide.

How it is correct to perceive criticism and adequately to react to it? In response to criticism not always correctly as the cunning Chinese to nod and with everything to agree with a smile.

1. “And judges who?“

Pay attention who pronounces these unflattering words in your address: the girlfriend, mother, the colleague, the rival, the shop assistant or the tipsy bum from the neighboring lane. Estimate, the opinion of this person is how authoritative for you.

2. What is wanted? With what purpose?

At this stage it is important to h2 to think not of an assessment which you were just given, and over for what reason this person in general decided to estimate you. And why you? What if you just came to hand? Or perhaps marked specifically at you. It is important to understand, for what purpose. Wanted to offend? To touch? To set thinking? Required attention? Pointed to mistakes? Still early, early to take offense! It is necessary to consider words of this person at first properly.

3. Dare to be mistaken!

We are not gods. And each of us is capable to make mistakes: in words, in reports, in private life. Everyone has legitimate right for mistakes, it is necessary to recognize it, it is a pity that it is not stated in the Constitution.

Even in operation of the computer there are failures, and it displays to us the message of type: “Mistake No. 404“. Interestingly, and how many it has their of everything?

And how many mistakes you will be able to count in the life? Dream up on a subject: where you would be and with whom if did not make these mistakes. Perhaps it and not mistakes at all? Perhaps it is turns of destiny?

4. Do not underestimate the self-assessment!


I do not allow to do it to other people. Does not matter who tries to press morally you under a plinth now: spouse, parents or goodhearted colleague. Be able to get out of the situation quietly. It is not necessary to say scurrilous things in revenge. If understood the wrongfulness - honestly admit it. Did not understand - ask explanations. But never agree with unfair charges in your address.

5. The conflict of opinions

are Told how many people, are so much also opinions. All of us think and we judge differently. Allow each person to have the opinion, other than yours. Learn to respect foreign opinion even if it is based on nonsense and prejudices and it is opposite to yours. And now stop to pay attention to people around. Stop worrying that they think of you! Let better them worry that others will think of them.

Live life and arrive as you consider it necessary. Most often criticize not because want you to offend personally. Just want to ego-trip once again at your expense, to prove that you incorrectly live, you think, you argue.

There are people who seek to rise by means of own talents. And there are others which try to tower by means of others mistakes. The first learn to fly, and the second pick a hole finger the sky.

Learn to fly!