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Why the editor edits article, beginning even with heading?

Each author wants to inform of the point of view readers in the most habitual for it to a form. When the journalist or the copywriter brings the article to the editor, often faces such unpleasant phenomenon as editing of the text or, in other words, editing.

Why the author`s text in general is edited? For various reasons.

1. My style! My syllable! My genius!

In - the first, the text has to correspond to an edition format. Besides, many publishers demand to observe certain stylistics, clean completely all author`s cliches and turns that the text became such greyish, deprived of an author`s syllable and bore in itself only information component.

Among other things, the author sometimes is fond and is inclined in a rush of inspiration to go to a jungle of lyrical digressions where he, in turn, can stand out much the mind, versatile knowledge and eloquence. What, too in turn, is not of interest to audience. Want creative self-expression - write books!

2. Sign differences

As initially information resource is created by

for “ungrateful“ audience, all superfluous is ruthlessly cut out from the text. It is important to remember that the text consists of certain units - signs. And the quantity of signs in the text plays the role too. In each edition there are standards. If you significantly exceeded quantity of signs, then article will not go in therefore it will be sent to completion. To the contrary, if the quantity of signs appeared less, than from you asked initially, then it will be required to add the text.

All right, all this belongs to the size of the text and to its style. God with them! Let here editors and proofreaders solve at discretion.

3. “Both I, and I, and I same opinion! “

A here what to do if the severe axe of the editor falls by your point of view of which you tried to inform the reader in the article? Or that it is even worse, tries to distort the facts and to draw an opposite conclusion in conclusion of article?

Here you should not be silent. Or costs? Depends on that how many to you pay for your “truth“ and “point of view“. To be exact, here everything solves adherence to principles and honesty on the relation first of all to itself. And you, respectively, draw conclusions: or “I am the hired worker“ and “the owner - the barin“, or “I for freedom of speech“ and “I will not be silent“.

In this case it is necessary to discuss everything quietly with the editor. Happens so that the opinion of the author in the text is excessive as it prevents the reader to perceive information objectively. It is considered that the professional journalistic text has to be deprived of any estimated judgments. Nevertheless there are other ways to force audience to empathize the hero of article or to condemn him.

4. “My uncle of the most honest rules“

Is two more other aspects - authorship and reputation.

Imagine that your text was perverted to unrecognizability: not only that there is no trace left also from your style, to you attributed still a lot of strangers of stylistic mistakes and the point of view absolutely opposite to yours which not only distorts reality, but also offends part of your readers.

It somehow happened to me personally. Having written the letter to edition, I stated all shortcomings of the published article and asked to clean my name under this text. As my right for authorship was violated, in other words, article signed with my name was written any more not by me. The reputation of the journalist plays not the last role in his profession.

A lot of things in updates depend on the editor, on presence or absence at it of these or those human qualities, on his perception and an assessment of in the modern world.

Reconcile, govern and will govern all and always.

If you do not want to be reconciled with such state of affairs, then or learn to write as demand from you, or find other editor with whom it will be pleasant to you to work.

Imagine a situation: you on a big green blind fence wrote white paint all the favourite Russian word from three letters. And there are you and admire the work. Suddenly some boy runs up and slightly below than your word writes other of five letters. You are indignant: “As it is possible! Why he made it? Only spoiled everything. It was so mysterious, and now with an obvious indecent hint“. And the boy, in turn, is perplexed: that it is not pleasant to you, it is so simpler and more clear. Here only neither you, nor he know yet that the owner of a fence thinks of it.

you Want freedom of speech - get the fence. Or … become the editor.