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What dishes can be prepared with cheese?

Speak, the one who eats cheese, well sleeps and does not suffer from nightmares. Everything put here in the amino acids which are contained in this product. They - that also promote removal of stresses. In cheese there are also other useful substances and vitamins which our organism needs.

From what only milk do not cook cheese: from sheep, goat, mare`s, camel, cow and even asinine.

For giving of special aroma and taste cheese is kept in special brines in wineskins, jugs, in limy holes, just in wooden barrels and in chests with oatmeal. And what it is possible to prepare with cheese? It is used not only as snack or in pure form, it is perfectly combined with a set of products. Let`s provide some recipes of dishes with cheese from the countries of Europe.

Names of the Italian cheeses sound as music: to a buriyella, gorgontsola, to Bel Poeza. Parmesan known around the world - an integral part of the Italian dishes with cheese. It connects all components of food, impacting them special relish. And the spaghetti and pizza which won the whole world in general are inconceivable without cheese. the Roman schnitzel with cheese

Slices of cheese to roll in

in the stirred-up egg and breadcrumbs and to fry on strongly warmed fat on both sides to zolotisto - brown color. To strew with small cut green onions, to decorate with slices of tomatoes. To give a dish hot with spinach and potatoes.

For preparation it is required: 4 slices of cheese 1 cm thick, 1 egg, breadcrumbs, green onions, 1 - 2 tomato.

of Spaghetti and - la carbonara

Small cut salted pork fat and ham to fry, add the tomatoes and champignons cut by thin segments and to extinguish to softness. To mix eggs with cream, to salt, pepper and pour out in tomato sauce. To boil spaghetti in the boiling water, to cast away on a colander, to lay out on a plate, to fill up densely with grated cheese and to fill in with sauce.

Ingredients: 400 g of spaghetti, 100 g of salted pork fat, 100 g of ham, 100 g of oil, half-glass of grated cheese, 3 - 4 tomatoes, 2 - 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of cream, 150 g of champignons. Airy cheese pie on - Neapolitan

to Make for

sauce bechamel: to kindle oil, to add flour, to pound to uniformity, to pour in milk and to cook 10 minutes. To add cheese, to salt, pepper and allow weight to cool down. To separately beat egg whites and yolks and to pour out on the cooled-down thickened sauce. To oil, pour out a form on it weight and to put in moderately heated oven on a water bath for 25 minutes. Then to switch off an oven and to leave there pie for 10 minutes.

For preparation of pie it is required: half-glass of grated cheese, 2 - 3 eggs, salt and pepper. For sauce: 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 tablespoons of flour, ¾ glass of milk.

As for France, there, as we know, the cheese cult prospers. Without it for the Frenchman there is no cookery. Any meal does not do without tray with various grades of cheese for a dessert. To the recipe of production of a Roquefort cheese it is already more than 2 thousand years, and Camembert is known in the world not less than cognac. Cheeses for a dessert, firm, soft and sharp, French give on boards. To cheese nuts, apricots and grapes can be given. Cheese is good with any bread. But experts recommend for Camembert crispbread and a cracker, for brine cheese - the Armenian unleavened wheat cake or black bread. Cheese and wine in France are called by “two friends“. They are perfectly combined, emphasizing and marking out taste of everyone. However cheese suffers only low alcohol dry wines keeping in themselves remarkable properties of grapes. Boards for giving of cheese maintain within 2 - 3 hours at the room temperature that aroma of cheese was completely shown. Potatoes a dauphin with cheese

the Baking sheet to rub

with garlic, to grease with butter, to put potatoes cut by pieces, to season with salt, pepper and a nutmeg. To mix egg with cold milk, to fill in potatoes and to fry in an oven of 40 - 50 minutes. Then to strew with grated cheese and to take in an oven, will not blush yet.

Ingredients: 800 g of potatoes, 1 egg, 30 g of oil, 1 glass of milk, 50 g of cheese, 50 g of garlic, nutmeg.

In Switzerland make too and consume a large number of cheeses. And each canton gives preference to a certain grade. But everywhere prepare the Swiss fondue - a refined kind of a dish with cheese. the Recipe of the Swiss fondue with cheese

Fire-resistant ware to rub

with garlic and on weak fire to warm in it any dry wine. To cut cheese in cubes and to pour into wine. To kindle, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon., then to allow to begin to boil on strong fire. In a small amount of cold water to part 1 - 1,5 h a spoon of starch, to season with pepper, a nutmeg and to pour in a shot glass of cherry fruit liqueur. To mix everything, to allow to begin to boil, stirring slowly. To give with slices of white loaf which dip in a fondue.

It is required: 600 g of cheese, half-segments of garlic, 0,5 l of light white wine, 1,5 h spoon of starch, shot glass cherry (or any other) tinctures. the Swiss cheese soup

Slices of white loaf to cut

in cubes and to fry in butter. To add broth or water, caraway seeds and to put soup on small fire slowly to boil within 10 minutes. Then to add milk, to remove from fire and to carefully implicate grated cheese, to add salt, pepper to taste. To strew with parsley greens.

Ingredients: 2 slices of white loaf, 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 l of meat broth, 1 glass of milk, 6 - 8 tablespoons of firm grated cheese.

In Holland production of cheeses the same conventional business, as well as cultivation of tulips. Big-bellied edam cheeses, from above red, and inside zolotisto - yellow, are well-known to our fellow citizens. the Dutch cheese salad

Cheese and apples peeled of a core to cut

in cubes. It is large to cut and stew champignons. Pepper to clean and cut rings. To mix with segments of tangerines or halves of segments of orange. To sauce salad and to stir. To allow to be defended.

For preparation of salad it is required: 200 g of cheese of Gouda, 100 g of champignons, 2 apples, 2 sweet pepper, 1 orange or 2 tangerines. Sauce for cheese salad: 3 h a spoon of honey, 1 glass of yogurt, 1 h a mustard spoon, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, an orange dried peel on a knife tip.

the Recipe of an omelet with cheese

of 120 g of grated firm cheese, 4 eggs, 1 tablespoon of flour, a little sparkling water to mix, pour out on the heated frying pan, to close a cover. To give to a table with tomato sauce. This dish with cheese perfectly goes by a breakfast.

Appetite pleasant to you!