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What expects us after elections? Putin it is also violet

the Putin dvenadtsatiletka comes to an end on March 4, 2012. Further or Russia at all without Putin, or with weak Putin. The power vertical is gradually scattered. Elections of governors come back, the people are given small still political freedoms. It will be extremely difficult to operate in such conditions to Putin.

Built so many years, built And, here, on you, the grandfather, the St. George`s day.

The power has to be able or suppress a protest, or to head it. So far the intermediate option is, seemingly, chosen. To close eyes and to consider that protest, as if not. Other, it is difficult to estimate the solution of a Putin staff on a victory at one round.

One round is a public recognition of a juggling of elections. Even if they will pass is crystal honestly (and only the director Govorukhin sincerely trusts in it, seemingly). Sovramsha in December - you will not be washed in March.

Transformation of a tandemokratiya into weak dictatorship threatens with unclear political fluctuations. The power understands already little and only twirls for the present by two heads in different directions.

Already and extremely left Udaltsov agrees about something with Zyuganov extremely loyal before. And some writers and TV hosts create some unclear POLITICAL associations. It is not enough to make mischief them on a scene, already and on a foreign field try to put the grains.

Yakimenko is insolent not on a rank. Kudrin went to revolution. So far for a couple of hours. But it so far. Makarevich sings about Holuyevo just in case.

Putin always sacredly believed in centralization, prices of oil and in the friends on lake cooperative.

Prices of oil keep so far. Friends too did not run up yet. And here with centralization absolutely trouble.

Well, more this driving mechanism of management of the huge country does not work with the poor population of suburbs both clever and quite rich population of big cities.

To make parliament the place for discussions? To let Nemtsov and To back in policy? To force Ernst and Dobrodeyev to watch the current - show?

Perhaps, the last is too cruel.

And who will hold the Olympic Games in Sochi how not her organizer and the ideological inspirer?

Where spit, already civil society with its Internet connection everywhere.

Well, actually, nobody promised that Monomakh`s cap will be easy.

And would leave in 2008 and would remain in memory national and textbooks of history as the savior of the state of Russian from destruction by princes suburban and enemies internal.

Now from galleys so just you will not run away. Chained itself there is no place more strong.

However problems where to put 26 palaces when changing the power is problems of the power.

Interests us more where our ship will take out the sea when changing weather.

By the way, it appears, the captain of the Costa Concordia cruise liner ran aground, showing vicinities of the island to the friend. And that it was visible to that better, and approached closer.

Help the friend - drown the ship that is called.

There is a lot of friends at our national leader who so more for some reason is not called. As if and it did not drown our ship, wishing them to help.

For now, all - clouds dissipate.

And if outside the sunny and clear weather still is not necessary, then, at least, it became violet already.

And, so soon, by all means dawns.