Rus Articles Journal

The Universe of


the Universe - a kernel, the river, a scope,

Light - the ocean, and vol a bedding. your quite difficult corridor - whether

It will lead

I to a knowledge shred?

Uniform pulse of the Universe we cannot learn

Itself - krokhotka, slightly bitter tastes.

We should reconcile and sob, to Experience

from delight to a grustinka.

Universe! it is very much contained by

In the short shining word.

But the main thing - in any of us

grain Is seeded from a spherical basis.


Anti-Christian concept.

From vanity the created world -

Itself fighting against it - I cannot accept.

the World is high has to be as air.

* * *

the White stone blossoms,

the Lilac blazes around.

the Chapel - she lives

Such in memory - the Circle of this memory is hard

- dnes

the Temple was built, the altar

was Attached - well, all

Be enclosed in a prayer as in old time

Ascetics vlagatsya.

Is white

the Stone - as Cover

On Nerli this temple.


You to comprehend words.

the Temple - from it goes

Shine, I feel.

I in soul grows ripe a fruit

of Understanding of life.

* * * the Past is similar

to the future -

Because in that and in that is hidden real - what essence of it understand


the Reality moving reaches

For heart threads of temptations. Life under the sun is ruled

. You clap doors. you Clap

doors - but for the sake of an exit

Under shine of the sun - it will be drunk by

Darkness that was experienced by you.

secret concludes Time terrible,

A what - better and do not ask:

Will be distorted - from - your lines.

* * *

a television tower Spike into a grayish background

As though will be moved - it seems disturbing,

Though disturbing it

In fact can be hardly as careless.

the Spike is gray too. But it differently is gray,

Than the winter sky in stains of lungs.

Light is sowed - as though splashes of spheres, do not know

which, never there was.


of Rome violet meat -

of Barbarians iron substance -

Rough flows as a lava weight, Destroys by

Rome a being.

Oh, a convergence of two is always fraught,

I as zero, blackens result.

Because is rich in energy with

The fact that pryot on you. hell will be

to you.

the Past goes to the soil of death, Promising

new flowers.

do not dare to Deny the future you -

the Roman perishing you with

the POET AND the GUN

Poet and the gun - the subject is rich.

Was shot Pushkin. The gun is fraught.

Was shot Lermontov - sting system?

I who is guilty of that system?

Poet and gun. The mourning flickers, Mayakovsky a browning takes


of the Shower is more gloomy than it, nezhl the Tower,

Not the shot - so the future will kill.

the Poet and the gun - as darkness and light.

As shoe-polish of death is black the gun.

* * *

Life - a test form, at the same time

a sentence Delay. On autumn

On a cemetery otjedinyon absolutely

From a reality - as if you dream in the afternoon the last.

Descends from the sky golden color,

the Amber foliage in reply flickers.

You understood life? I answer - no. be not afraid of

- nobody understands.