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What to diversify the children`s menu with? Rice

dishes Rice is a diet basis more than a half of the population of our planet. In the east rice is eaten daily. Not without reason the wish “Bon appetit“ in a literal translation from some east languages means “Be treated with rice“.

Rice grain is very useful and nutritious. Rice contains few fats and many carbohydrates, protein and such irreplaceable mineral substances as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium suffices. At the same time in rice there is no gluten - so, children can enter it into a diet even with an allergy to wheat.

Usually rice porridge is entered into a diet of babies as the first feeding up after breast milk. Nutritious, easily acquired and nice to the taste, porridge from rice grain contains a large number necessary for the growing organism of substances - vitamins and minerals. Each mother wants that her kid ate useful products therefore today we will prepare rice dishes.

Pilaf with a chicken

Of course, this dish very strongly differs from traditional pilaf, but, nevertheless, it very tasty and for certain will be pleasant not only to your small gourmet, but also you. Such pilaf can be given to children from 8-10 months. For “children`s pilaf“ I take one chicken breast without thin skin, a couple of average carrots, onions half-heads, it is a little greens of parsley or basil and approximately a half-glass of dlinnozernisty rice. Carrots we rub on a grater, we cut onions small cubes, small we chop parsley greens. A chicken we boil to semi-readiness the whole piece, and then we cut in small cubes and we extinguish to readiness together with onions and carrots and rice in that broth in which it cooked.

Feature of this dish is that it prepares without oil, so, it can be eaten not only to little children, but also those who keeps to a diet and keeps a figure. Carrots will give to rice beautiful color. For adults I add curry seasoning to this dish, and to children after a year it is possible to put for aroma and advantage a small laurel leaf of minutes for 5 to readiness. Bay leaf contains essential oils which well influence digestion, increase immunity and are useful to an organism in general.

Rice hedgehogs

Small rice teftelk will become an excellent garnish for meat mash for a small gourmet. And adults can eat them as an independent dish with juicy syrno - garlick sauce. To prepare hedgehogs, at first I cook porridge from 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of water and 3/4 glasses of rice. I add to ready porridge properly the shaken-up crude egg, a little olive oil, salt and fresh chopped greens of fennel to taste. From the turned-out mix I mold hedgehogs and I stew them in a deep frying pan with a small amount of water, under a cover. Hedgehogs for adults can be not stewed, and to roll in in crackers and to fry in oil.

That your kid did not doubt that hedgehogs real, decorate them. Cut black olives without stones. Circles with holes will be eyes of hedgehogs, and halves of olives - ezhiny noses.

the Rice souffle with fruit

the Fine dessert with which it is possible to feed both adults, and children of 6 months. For preparation we need rice, fresh pears and apples of sweet grades, raisin and milk or cream. Rees and raisin need to be washed out and killed carefully for a couple of hours in cold water. We clear pears and apples of a peel and seeds, we cut in cubes, we mix with rice. We place all this in small portion pots and we fill in with milk or cream. Milk has to be did not float so much that fruit in it is mute, and only slightly became impregnated. We send to well warmed oven and we bake 10-15 minutes.

For children years a ready dessert are more senior it is possible to strew a little with brown sugar or to water with honey. Everything depends on that how sweet apples and pears you use for this dish. Usually red sweet apples in a combination to sweet raisin do not need additional sweeteners, but here everything depends on your taste.

From such simple and available product as rice grain, it is possible to prepare a set of tasty and useful dishes - both for adults, and for the smallest penises of a family! I hope that my recipes will help you to diversify the menu. Bon appetit!