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Whether how to understand yours this is the man?

Everyone asks herself a question, having woken up since morning and having kissed it on a mouth, walking for handles and looking in his face, expecting it in cafe and having seen its shape from is far; Whether He is my man?!

Later the first half a year or slightly smaller time the girl gets used to the half, then she thinks that she more or less knows it, frankly says to it about everything, about what thinks, dreams, worries.

But gentle creation begins to reflect slightly when the image ideal the prince slightly begins to blur, calls are more rare, messages occasionally, and meetings become long-awaited for girls; Why? Everyone can, answer differently, but I think the answer generally will be identical: it not such as earlier, can it found another? And here the turning point begins, she wants, is eager to learn, meet, asks, even interrogates …

A as are told all ingenious - simply as women, so men do not love when attempt upon their freedom when the Lady begins to call, disturb endlessly the gentleman, that understands that life which it had to, it is better. And here one - control whether it is necessary to me? he asks himself, and the answer sounds not in favor of Ladies.

Lovely ladies the fact that it is necessary to control it already outdated understanding if it is direct very much wants, then it is necessary to pass to it smoothly when it begins to speak about the sit-round gathering with friends, or about the same projects at work, listen to everything in details, asking questions, but you are not silent. The relation it not only love - carrots. And first of all you are interlocutors. And good interlocutors feel the friend - the friend, more with understanding and without control.

A happen such couple when the man begins to vanish, and the woman the same minute goes to him to the apartment, calls on work as a siren, with shout: “Where it“ believe far more simply everything can be … despite time be able to wait, well of course not till an old age, and take care better of the own life, self-development, have a hobby, test in different ranges, and at you it will not be simple time to be enough to suffer, cry, look for. But at the same time one message. “A cat when you are released, write“, it is possible to write. we also forget

In a rage rush as far as we sensual and self-assured, make ourselves cry … we feel the shchenochok left by the owner. But it is only our imagination …. “Well I will call

, later“ the receiver, and it has eyes on a forehead, cheeks redden, a lump in a throat and hunting to ask “who it?“ you will be cleverer than 100 times if learn at this moment is not angry. He, as well as you has the right speaks, both with a female half and about man`s. You treat it more simply, of course, it is easy to tell, but having tried once you will understand, “it is so one many better“.

we Will return to that subject how whether to understand yours it is the man?! all this is solved after you bring up in yourself the sure woman and as learn to make the decision which do not leave from under legs, “give not those which sound in each quarrel, leave!“ and those about which you should not be asked again. And looking in his face, tell about yourself: “IT MINE“ or “I am worthy the best“ …