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How an old age to transform to eternal youth? We recognize

At once, the old age - heavy is time for life: diseases, losses, helplessness, loneliness. It is more than that! In our Russian society the strange relation to an old age began to be shown.

That the authorities of Moscow suggested to move old men from the capital to special towns, to stick shops, let the old people sit yes cackle over gossips. And what else to do to it waiting for death?. However, public indignation washed away this plan dishonoring the nation. But we will not be under a delusion. Recently in somebody elite club a certain rich uncle offered even more abrupt option: to take out old men the abroad. For example, to Egypt and Turkey. There supposedly both the sun is hotter, and life is cheaper. And what is interesting? The public swallowed this new project: 6% of respondents Rabota@mail portal. ru supported it completely, 21% agreed that it is an exit, noteworthy.

Impressive picture. And the more so impressive that there was it in the Russian environment. To the world known for the mercy.

- What happens to all of us?! - with pain Vasily Shukshin exclaimed once.

Our time answers it: with us, really, there is something inexplicable. And such inexplicable what even to answer this question is not enough mind.

But it is possible to approach it on the other hand. And to remind all elderly people that they - not chocks for edge change from place to place, and citizens of the Homeland. That an old age - invaluable time of wisdom. And many of people glorified mankind the works created in advanced years. It is more than that. Wise men say that at age from 80 to 120 years - a special role in the universe. People of this age form Wednesday which energetically, it is information, psychologically clears space, bringing in it grace for all real.

And it is even more! The old age can be transformed to eternal youth. The main thing - to want! This way of creation begins with simple.

First of all, the person who stepped sixty should realize specifics of the years. To honestly consider the most difficult in them. For example, habits, from - for whom life lost any appeal. To look back to experience of an old age of parents. Happy or bitter, it will give quite good lessons by which you ran, without having paid attention. Having weighed the situation, it is the best of all to draw a conclusion that it is more reliable to rely on itself. With gratitude accepting support which to you will want (should not - will want!) to render relatives, including children.

Well, and time you decided to rely on yourself, that the first that should be made - to be engaged in health. Fortunately, the modern gerontology developed mountains of useful recommendations for persons interested to lead full-blooded life.

First of all, she pays attention to culture of food . On the fact that products have to be - fresh natural, various. That the main thing - discipline! Not to indulge in a gluttony (trouble of the present) on weekdays, on holidays. And - steadily - to reduce daily 2500 kilocalories to 1500. Similar unloading activating cages and helping them to look younger.

The cell of our body for 70 - 90% consists of water . Not coffee, tea or a habitual liqueur glass “for appetite“, and thawed snow (plus several drops of lemon juice and honey in a glass) will give you such energy of what you did not even think.

A big problem in old age - a dream . Scientists counted that the person is obliged to sleep 7 hours 36 minutes. And to sleep, but not to turn, driving in itself useless thoughts or offenses. For this purpose best of all before going to bed (not to watch TV at all!) one or one and a half hours to walk in the fresh air with nice to you the person, chirping about something fascinating. It is desirable to lay down at 22 o`clock: the dream till midnight rejuvenates an organism. To remember that the bedroom has to be cool, to 18 degrees, the cool normalizes a metabolism. And before going to bed it is useful to listen to meditative music.

The most sad satellite of an old age - atherosclerosis . As to fight against it, are developed darkness of theories. Their essence - to provide activity of a brain. Having indulged in favourite work, creativity, a hobby among which it is useful to learn a foreign language and verses, to play chess or cunning games for memory training. And to do it - it is hazardous. Bringing together around itself the friends who chose not moaning, and vigorous life and a childlike faith in own immortality.

To move ! Walks from 2 to 10 kilometers a day - are invaluable. In the movement, gerontologists say, stem cells grow and growth hormones are released. For walks it is preferable to choose park or the seashore, to walk in mood, positive for you. And still - with inspiration indulge in dances in some club. Dancing, we keep a fine form and a tone, we communicate and laugh. And even we fall in love. Helping itself and the partner to earn invaluable hormone endorphin - happiness hormone. Happiness in itself prolongs youth.

And here so, fighting for health, you reconsider both national, and traditional, and alternative medicine. You will try various improving techniques, from an Ayurveda to it is information - power treatment. You will become the expert on the organism. You are surprised what perfect the Nature created it. You will passionately want to correspond to it, creating perfection of own personality.

This desire will finally change your inner world.

And soon you with amazement will open that became above themselves. You are other person. Inquisitive, independent, courageous. It is close and boring for you in an everyday terrestrial razzle-dazzle. Your heart wishes a scope, wings, flight, knowledge of the universe and the Creator. It seems, the children`s question just uncontrollably will begin to pursue you: “Who do I am such and why I live?“. Looking for the answer to it, you will inevitably come to necessary books and people.

And once suddenly feel how you are filled in by waves of hot tenderness and love. And you will understand that it your soul woke up. Means, came it is time to go on its ways to opening of the highest - immortal and perfect - forces of nature.