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What to diversify the children`s menu with? We indulge sweet teeth of

Many children love sweet, they are such sweet, our favourite karapuzik! But it is not recommended to give to kids sugar till three years. Of course, there are parents who violate this rule and easily indulge the children chocolates, jam and other “vrednost“, but in article it will be a question not of them.

It is possible to indulge the child with tasty sweets and without sugar. And if in recipes not to do without sugar in any way, I would recommend to use instead of white refined brown cane sugar - in it there are useful minerals, and it not such lusciously - sweet. And the best substitute of sugar is, of course, honey provided that your kid has on it no allergy.

However you should not believe that time honey is useful, so the child can eat it as much as necessary. Honey contains a large amount of fructose which can cause tummy swelling in kids. Honey and to children about one year is not recommended. Their digestive tract still unripe, and some bacteria which sometimes contain in honey can become the reason of children`s botulism - an infectious disease at which the nervous system is surprised. To children it is more senior does not threaten, they can quite add a little honey to porridges and desserts, honey is very useful.

And the best sweets for kids are, of course, fruit and berries! Now I will tell about what desserts I prepare for the little sonny.

the Berry pudding

Such dish very well is suitable

for an afternoon snack or the second breakfast. The pudding on the basis of grain is nutritious. The slow carbohydrates which are contained in cereals will provide to your kid a necessary charge of energy, and berries will fill a reserve of vitamins. Use any fresh berries in the summer - cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and take frozen in the winter.

To prepare a pudding, cook any thick porridge - from rice, corn or whaet groats. It is possible to take several grain, well combined among themselves to taste, for example, the Oat-flakes oat flakes and buckwheat and to weld them together. One minute prior to readiness add to porridge fresh berries without stones. Cool ready porridge with berries a little and shake up the blender to a uniform consistence. When cooling porridge will even stronger thicken and will turn into a pudding.

It is possible to feed with such dish children from 6 - 8 months. For kids is more senior, school students and preschool children a pudding can be decorated, having laid out it on a flat dish and watering from above melted chocolate. Any will not refuse such entertainment the gourmand!

Baked apples with honey

Baked apples are a favourite delicacy in our family and the very first food which my son tried after a chest milk. Apples can be baked, thinking out various stuffings - from nuts, cottage cheese, dried fruits and candied fruits. Baked apples without stuffings and fillers can be given to children from 6 months if the kid is on breastfeeding, and from 4 - 5 months to bottle-fed babies. Approximately from 10 - 12 months it is possible to eat baked apples with honey if, of course, the child has no allergy to medical

to Prepare this dish very simply. We cut apples in half and we delete a core with a teaspoon, we spread on a baking sheet and we bake in an oven until they become soft. We cool the baked apples a little and we exempt from a peel.

That apples did not get out of the shape, get them from a thin skin a big tablespoon and at once lay out on a plate. Medical put in advance to the warm place that by the time of readiness of apples it was rather liquid. All the matter is that at fast and strong heating medical loses a large amount of the useful substances which are contained in it is mute. For this reason we will water with honey already ready warm apples. If your child already eats nuts, they will well add this tasty and very useful dessert. Strew a ready dish with pounded walnuts or decorate with almond “petals“.

Banana the gourmand

One more dessert for children practically any age. My son began to eat this dish in 8 months. For preparation we need fresh yogurt without preservatives and artificial additives (also dense kefir), children`s cookies (or ordinary galetny cookies, for example, “Maria“ will approach) and fresh ripe banana.

We peel banana of a peel and we cut in thin circles or small cubes - everything depends on as far as your child is able to chew. We break cookies on small pieces. We connect banana to cookies, we fill in with yogurt and accurately we mix. The dessert has to stand about 5 minutes that cookies were softened then it is necessary to mix still carefully time and it is possible to feed small the sweet tooth.

If the child yet at all has no teeth and it is difficult for it to chew, the dessert can be shaken up the blender - having become homogeneous mass, the dish will be not less tasty. In our family this dessert is eaten also by adults. Bananas - food, easy and useful to a gentle stomach of the kid, they are rich with potassium, magnesium and vitamins of group of Century

I Hope, these sweet dishes will be pleasant to you and your children. You feed your sweet teeth with useful desserts. Bon appetit!