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My personal Golden Age or what it is remembered in the Tatiana Day?

on January 25 - the Tatiana Day! One of my favourite holidays. Probably, Tatyanam this day and in general in student`s life, is lucky a little more than the others. At least, I precisely was always lucky. And it is so pleasant to plunge sometimes into events the passed days long ago and to brush away the run nostalgia tear.

So, early morning . And, of course, occupations from the first couple. And, of course, on this couple it is necessary to be. I am late a little and a mouse I slip in the end of audience. I settle to examine dreams more conveniently. Sometimes it is not possible to have a sleep - lecture interesting. At the second lecture it is already possible to start discussion of news with girlfriends. On the following couple the distant neighbor should manage to construct eyes. And about the neighbor not to forget. If carries, with someone from them to be thrown nothing by the meaning note.

Lunch . Crowds of students gallop in eatery, and accumulate in the long turn before cash desk. I very much loved our eatery though fed and not all that well. But all this not all that well and aluminum forks grow dim before one unbiased fact - CHEAP.

Having had a bite, I go to library with shy hope to get the necessary book on the subscription. Having waited in decent and very slow line, I am once again convinced that the most advanced students here visited for a long time and all took away. So, the way to a reading room is opened for me. Strenuously I try to master a two-three of books of infections, and with impatience I look for hours - today in six friends called in a hostel. It is impossible to read up everything, of course. Means, it is necessary to go down to the cellar where there is a copier. I copy pages (as them much!) also I hope for the last money that my obshchezhitsky will understand why I was to them empty-handed.

6th evenings . The hostel meets by either hungover indifference, or a tempting ring of glasses. Today - a ring. I with pleasure plunge into general fun. Again mulled wine, again guitar, again infinite talk on destinies of the world. Sometimes it seems to me that at one most elite enterprise, at the most advanced employees, on the most serious brainstorming, was not born very much madly - creative ideas what were generated in hostels. I was always surprised how many bright, talented young people, one square meter of a room of my friends contained. And we with ecstasy argued on the most different things. How to pass a test when you know nothing how to earn one million, and, of course, how to save the world

But, time presses. Also it is necessary to go home. To reach eternally escaping bus and not to manage to freeze in a stop. Hurrah, today I managed all this. Till the end of geography I will long go, so, there is time to esteem kopirnuty pages.

I houses . It is time to sleep. So soon


I Remember new morning, in the school textbook of history there was such question - and whether there was a Golden Age in the history of mankind? I do not know, there would be such century in general history, but in personal, I precisely know that this century fell on a students era. And though during that time I could not find normal work without prejudice to training in any way, and there was catastrophically not enough money always... And even in spite of the fact that very often I had no place to live In total - I was absolutely free. I already had a good reason not to live with parents, and there was no family with infinite cares according to its contents yet. And I could choose absolutely freely the way, the friends, the future, at last. And it seemed to me then that I at world top. That at me, such talented and efficient, all - everything will come true, and to me any doors will open

Yes, now this unshakable confidence was replaced by life experience and understanding that, miracles, of course, are possible, but for some reason happen not to you And it is sometimes difficult to hide own disappointment that years go, and mechtyo to giving on Canary Islands and the fabulously profitable business, and remain dreams.

But how was, student`s years - thanks that you were! Native walls of university, thank you for the fact that so hospitably sheltered me for all five years of training! The Ural state! Without you I would not become such what became now. And you forever will remain in my heart