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Presentiment. Whether it is possible to trust it?

Somehow Robert Heinlein asked that such presentiment. He answered: “Probably, nothing at first sight, not supported confidence that some event will take place or will not occur. I would tell that it is result of subconscious judgment of data about which existence you do not even suspect“.

the Presentiment and prophetic dreams

Exists a set of stories how some people had a presentiment of some future unpleasant events. In my life there was such case. The girlfriend of my mother Elena told that at her the sister was seriously ill, doctors made the diagnosis: an oncological disease in a final stage. From hospital after inspection it was discharged home.

Somehow Elena called and told mother that the dream dreamed her, she saw eight and a half meters of black sateen, and this vision was so real that it right there opened eyes and began to think what it would mean. My mother - the realist, advised to forget about it and not to attach significance. For the ninth day Elena`s sister died … My mother only threw up the hands and refused comments.

We will be transferred on the couples millennia ago to the Roman Empire of times of Julius Caesar. Numerous certificates that on the eve of Caesar`s death his third wife Kalpurniya saw a bad prophetic dream remained. Here is how it is described by Svetony: “The pediment of her house fell off, and her husband was pinned up at it on hands“. Having woken up, she drowned in tears rushed to legs to the husband and began to beg him not to go today to the Senate. But Caesar preferred not to listen to the superstitious woman. In several hours he was killed by conspirators.

One more mysterious history connected with a prophetic dream and a presentiment of death of the person. The dream dreamed Abraham Lincoln: he comes downstairs, draped with black material. On a post costs soldiers, the president asks it: “Why mourning?“ The soldier answers: “On the killed president!“ Lincoln told the wife Mary about a strange dream. Having listened to him, she began to worry and told that it is better for it to stay at home today and not to leave anywhere. But Abraham answered that today in theater of the prime minister, and they have to appear together among the audience. On April 14, 1865 the little-known actor of this theater John Wilks Booth who was fiercely hating Lincoln played the best-known role - a role of the murderer. It killed the president in his box, having shot to it at a nape …

That is interesting, reading such prophetical stories where the hint on caution about the future misfortune was obviously given, many people did not manage to use it. They are or their relatives on some not clear signals, to hints had a presentiment how there will be their destiny or destiny of relatives, but for some reason they did not listen to “sixth sense“.

the Presentiment and intuition

the Presentiment can be determined by

as subconscious property of the person to expect an event which can take place in the future.

The intuition is an ability of the person to make the fast correct decision of any problem without detailed analysis of a situation, and the situation can belong to the past, the present and the future.

How these concepts correspond? On the basis of intuition it is possible to receive instant knowledge of anything: subject, problem, person. The sphere of a presentiment is the future: some one event which has to happen.

The presentiment warns and notifies what will be quite so. The person cannot change something in the approaching event, he has to take it for granted, whether it likes it or not. The intuition is connected with research not only real, but also probable events. If the intuition can learn, then the presentiment comes in itself, “without asking permission“.

the Presentiment on service of the state

As it will seem to

strange, but some states paid attention to mass presentiments of people and decided to create the organization under the name of the Bureau of Registration of Presentiments (BRP). Great Britain was the first country which founded such organization. That was the cause, school students of one of schools refused to go to school because they saw a strange dream that the school disappeared under some black substance.

Parents of school students and the teacher believed that thus children try to shirk occupations. But the reality sorted things out. In one of days the huge landslide covered the schoolhouse together with all who were there. Then parents began to pray to God that their children who remained this day houses were not buried under fragments of school.

One more example. In mine in Wales as a result of accident more than hundred people died. The staff of bureau collected reports of people who had a presentiment of this tragedy. It turned out that from 70 received reports - 25 authors reported to the acquaintances about a trouble presentiment, as much again people had the prophetic dreams warning about accident. In other 20 cases of the data were not confirmed.

The same organization was created also in the USA. It is called the Federal Bureau of Presentiments (FBP). The fact that Alan Vogen predicted Robert Kennedy`s murder was the cause for creation of this organization.

The first presentiment appeared at Alan in 3 months prior to a fatal event. Prophetic dreams with details of the future murder began to dream it. He wrote the warning letters to the leading American parapsychologists studying the reasons of unusual mental abilities of people and addressed the authorities that they paid attention to safety of R. Kennedy who was driving about over the country within the pre-election presidential company. A. Vogen sent a final warning in 4 days prior to murder. However nobody believed it. Robert Kennedy was killed on June 6, 1968. In California.

At the moment FBP collects data on mass presentiments of people concerning any future tragedies and cataclysms. The staff of bureau for certain established what in the transport accidents which happened to trains and planes, as a rule, appears passengers less, than it was expected. People or were late for flight, or were not at all as though having a presentiment that you should not hurry.

So whether it is worth trusting the presentiment? I would advise to take it into account if you had a feeling of concern and any guesses that something has to happen. It is difficult to explain this internal nervousness if there are no visible reasons for concern.

Listen to “sixth sense“, but do not rely on it entirely. Sometimes it is useful to address the reason and common sense.