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From whom girls and women of all age need to avoid like the plague?

you love vinegar? “Foolish question!“ - readers will think. Well, not such and foolish. For example, some fanatical adherents of ZOZh recommend to clean an organism weak solution of vinegar in the mornings. Sensitive heroines of ancient novels too very respected this product and in moderate doses (for giving of special pallor to the person), and in unlimited (to commit suicide from unfortunate love).

But the responsible majority, of course, does not abuse vinegar, will drip unless the trifle soda to put out or add a savor to a dish. At the same time female many persons do not even suspect that actually they regularly consume this aggressive acid in the doses menacing, at least, to quality of their life. Is that so! How?! Why?!

Get acquainted - Mr. Uksus! At first sight this mister can make quite kind impression: it is dressed tidily, has an idea of good manners, likes to argue about questions of life and to philosophize. If the woman in one way or another had to it to the yard, Mr. Uksus can, having spread a peacock tail, to prove to be very pleasant in communication.

And women fall into a trap: finding Mr. Uksusainteresnym and the noble person, they let in him the private life. And some naive soul that “... as if the butterfly aspired to fire so invincibly in love, to the magic country where will call me darling“, will manage even to marry Mr. Uksus.

Unfortunately, both those, and others the bitter disappointment waits sooner or later. For Mr. Uksus in this world there is only one character deserving attention - he. All others can hope only modestly for his indulgence in case show sufficient extent of awe, constantly admiring his talents, each made decision stated to them by the judgment everyone. Though even in this case there is no guarantee that Mr. Uksus will not spit in the girlfriend of life acid in the right frame of mind.

And mood, it is necessary to tell, at Mr. Uksus mostly not all that well: that colleagues the dullness and primitiveness annoy, the chief (in understanding of Mr. Uksus a successful pettiness) will humiliate with some order, neighbors (drunks or silly persons all entirely!) solicit, women, these silly, greedy beings, will not estimate his thoughts the high aspiration and souls fine rushes, the government will strike with the tricks irreparable blow on it already to unenviable financial position, still what cataclysms will happen.

The soul at Mr. Uksus is extremely vulnerable, and therefore all these injustice of life in relation to the person he will endure with taste and long, more precisely, all the acetic life. Respectively that that will be near, is doomed: her destiny - to forget about own pleasures and grieves, to push the desires and interests on a background and to listen, listen, listen, “completely to divide, to approve hotly“ and to heal never-ending sincere wounds of the elect. But it still half-troubles!

The matter is that Mr. Uksus suffering from feeling of own undervaluation constantly needs to ego-trip. It does it as all acid persons, due to humiliation of people around. Relatives, as you understand, always near at hand. So keep! He will try to inspire in the clear head that she is a silly woman and at all is deprived of ability to think logically, will remind the beauty that as smarten up, and a watch - that they is ticks, bragged of progress at work, and he to you in reply something about the fact that all female pits become due to manipulative operation of colleagues - men, was delighted to a gift - here to you vast lecture about female commercialism, tried to advocate the interests - will be declared by the mannish feminist... Etc., etc. The imagination at Mr. Uksus the richest.

Of course if the woman possesses reinforced concrete mentality and the strong built-up character, then, perhaps, she will manage to keep an adequate self-assessment and composure in close communication with such character. Though not the fact. Full of with discontent concerning the life device, Mr. Uksus so actively grumbles, so gushes forth bile and acid that will inevitably splash also yours, even the most pink, glasses.

The heroine Marilyn Monroe claimed that the best friends of girls - diamonds. And so I, in turn, will dare to claim that the sworn enemy of these girls - Mr. Uksus. Let in it the life, and it will turn it into a nightmare. To you it was good? It will become bad. To you it was bad? It will become just intolerable. So, as they say: run, baby, run !