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How to grow up potatoes on the seasonal dacha?

New potato is very tasty in all types. Though boiled, though fried, though baked in an oven - an objedenye! Therefore I also grow up it in a small amount directly on the seasonal dacha that in the summer when it is required, it would be possible just to go and dig out a young kartoshechka.

But as specially to allocate the space for potatoes on a small country ogorodik would be unattainable luxury, I place it as a sealant between bushes of young currant, a yablonkama and other fruit crops. Besides, I land potatoes on both parties of beds of cucumbers, water-melons, vegetable marrows or melons in one - two rows that after harvesting of potatoes the space for these expanding cultures was released.

To grow up healthy and tasty potato, first of all I prepare qualitative landing material. When harvesting surely I display the dug-out potatoes separately on grades, and for each grade in one small group I pour out tubers from powerful, fruitful bushes with pronounced high-quality signs (from this small group and I select seeds), and in another - all other harvest.

On seeds I select tubers about 10 cm because they yield a harvest more, than smaller. Carefully I wash seed potatoes in clear water, I dry, I scatter to the light storeroom for two weeks for a pozeleneniye and only after that I send for storage in a cellar. The stock of seeds is stored in open polypropylene bags, on 1 bucket in a bag.

At the beginning of April I bring potatoes seeds home, in heat, for a prorashchivaniye. I pour tubers into trellised boxes. I place them at first in the dark place for 5 days, then I transfer to light, and before disembarkation I clean for 5 days to the dark storeroom again. These simple procedures stimulate potatoes to active growth and provide earlier receiving a harvest.

I watch that the cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, beet or beans were predecessors of potatoes. Even in the fall on the places allocated under potatoes evenly I scatter humus of a chicken dung at the rate of 2 - 3 kg on 1 sq.m and I leave so till spring.

In the conditions of Altai landing of germinated tubers of potatoes I make in the first of May at distance 70 cm the friend from friends on depth of 15 cm, previously dusting them wood ashes. After emergence of shoots to 5 - 10 cm - I do the first earthing up of plants, digging in them entirely. In cases when frosts all - come in the first of June, I protect potatoes strips of an agricultural ukryvny nonwoven cloth.

When potatoes will be extended to 30 - 40 cm, I hill its second time, and I ogrebat it highly - I leave only tops. In June and July I water potatoes once a week and once I feed up solution of a chicken dung, dating it for top dressing of other vegetables. Fortunately, I on a site have some Colorado beetle, but as soon as appears, at once I bring together him manually, without giving the chance to breed.

Recently I use early grades - Lyubava, Karatop, Rozara, and the average term of maturing - Adretta. In last season (2011) for the first time tried a grade with it is extended - oval tubers, having it is violet - a blue peel, this grade of potatoes is called - “Cuban“. Authentically I do not know name history, but on information fragments, such potato was delivered from Cuba at the beginning of 1960 - x years. The Cuban proved not bad, I will grow up her and further.

I begin to undermine young tubers already from the middle of July. Potatoes at good leaving grow to me on a belt, and the harvest at some bushes happens almost - a bucket!