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How the collector of debts works? Episode of the second.

Ya I trust in it, I know it. I know

Ya that I arrive as the true professional, the professional of the highest test developing in myself “diillogical thinking“. I know

Ya as it is difficult as it is difficult. But I will achieve it in the nearest future if I want to become the best in the profession. And I want it.

I I will become the best!

“Is scarlet - lyo! It is scarlet - lyo! Who speaks? Collection agency? What agency? Collection? And what you want? Whether I took the credit? Well, took. Whether I am going to close the debt on the credit? Of course, I gather. When? Probably, tomorrow, though most likely on Friday. Ah, I already it told it last week? Do I have an opportunity to close a debt? Yes, yes. Yes I have money. Just I will not gather in any way. Well, give on Thursday. Give?!“.

“Toffee“. In extreme expression “toffee“. Brought to the absolute, “rubber“. I feel

On intonation of a voice - money is.


Characteristic of the debtor my eyes.

But that you native pull all veins to both yourself, and us, and to bank and that the most ridiculous to the relatives who you approach a thicket phone and listen every day to the next portion of reminders and requests to close a debt.

That you such unpunctual and unreliable. That you leave everything for the last moment. The issue of your future financial reputation is resolved, and to you all is once and you are always busy with something. Interesting by what? everything I know

Ya about such people. It is my functional duty: to know everything about people who borrow money and to delay day of payment, including it “last afternoon Pompeii“.

These not debtors, is “toffees“ which are late eternally, break terms of everyone and everything, and always irritate all. Wonderfully they at the same time seem very quiet and sincerely are surprised to the fact that they were late again or did not execute in time what was promised. Notice

that speaking about the promises which are “late“, or not keeping in time, we do not mean that they do not exist for society any more though expression literally means “deadline“ (English “deadly side“): “if you break terms, &ndash again; you are a dead man, mark my words“.

Information to reflection.

Strategy of “toffee“ (as it happens): Some debtors very much like that inflow of energy and nervousness which they experience as the deadline for payment on the credit approaches. Others feel physical need for pressure which can be felt at approach of “deadline“.

Perhaps, is such pattern when the borrower does not trust in the established “deadlines“ and takes lie for the truth. But maybe, the person sometimes needs the help to plan the time.

of the Form and methods of work:
as the professional I know

Ya that only openness as a line of conduct in this situation can yield positive result.

Ya has to, openly declare that I “for the sake of own tranquility, for the sake of continuation of the work in agency want to know when in what day and hour the debtor will be able to extinguish the debt?“.

However if a problem does not disappear, there are all bases to discuss with it the situation and:

1) to develop other ways of repayment of debt “only for it“, and

2) to be sure that everything is made “as wanted and he asked“.

However, as a last resort, my expectations and his preferences can be absolutely incompatible. The help can be necessary for me to learn to be more flexible. Otherwise I will be able to work only with “similar“, and it extremely narrows a field of activity on return of debts, isn`t it?

the Best of the best

But if it is necessary, - I will become more flexible.

If is necessary, - I will become more mobile.

If is necessary, - I will become “an alarm clock on life“ for “toffee“, its calendar, its notebook, its call on phone, and, eventually, I will teach him to pay off the bills in time and in time.

Is my work, it is my business. I love them, I without them do not exist.

I I will cope with all “toffees“ of the world, for the sake of their future, for the sake of rescue of their business reputation. On that I also am the best of the best collectors!