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How to grow up cabbage in Siberia?

the Russian gardeners grow up a set of types of cabbage: white, red, color, Savoy, Bruxelles, kohlrabi and others. In Siberia the cabbage is also very widespread.

But first place in popularity is strongly won, of course, by a white cabbage. My country kitchen garden is not an exception in this sense also.

In our district (in Altai), the white cabbage is received generally through the seedling which is grown up in the warm room. Earlier also I did, did not put into practice other way yet - to sow cabbage seeds directly in an open ground in the early spring. I use this way several years and with results it is quite happy. There is a lot of grades of a white cabbage, this year, for example, at me were used the Blizzard and Nadezhda. Heads of cabbage at these grades do not crack, grow large (to 10 kg), strong, remarkable taste, are good both for salting, and for fresh storage.

In the early spring at the end of April as soon as snow descends, I choose well lit, heated-up place on a kitchen garden and I prepare a small gryadochka 30 cm wide under cabbage. Depending on that how many the cabbage is planned to grow up, bed length is defined - three meters are enough for me. On the center of a bed in a groove I sow dry seeds of cabbage on depth of 2 - 3 cm to Gryadochk I mulch and I water with warm water. Shoots of cabbage appear not so quickly as houses on a window, but grow strong and tempered, cold weather and even small night frosts to them not a hindrance.

In process of growth of young cabbage I water it, I weed and surely I thin out on 4 - 5 cm. At this time the wrecker - a krestotsvetny flea beetle therefore as soon as I notice her, at once I strew with tobacco dust cabbage leaves can work great mischief. On this gryadochka young plants are up to the moment when I replace them already to the constant place.

I choose the space for cabbage where last year potatoes, beet or onions grew. I do a bed as usual - 1 meter wide, only at it I form fillets above. On the center I prepare holes of 15 - 20 cm in depth and with a diameter of 30 - 40 cm at distance about one meter the friend from friends.

In the first decade of June from a small gryadochka, at the same time using two sovochka not to damage backs, I replace a young kapustka - in each hole on two plants. After such change the seedling is not ill at all and at once begins to grow actively. When the cabbage gains strength, I cut off scissors one plant, leaving the strongest in a hole.

A cabbage bed regularly I water the whole summer, surely plentifully, 2 - 3 times a week. In process of growth of plants of a hole gradually I fill up. I feed up cabbage two times during the season (in June and July) the fresh chicken dung divorced water, at the rate of one bucket of solution - on 2 - 3 plants. It gives very good effect, and heads of cabbage are tied - on lovely sight!

I harvest cabbage in September - October. At first, that frosts did not do much harm, I cut the strongest and healthy heads of cabbage which are intended for fresh storage. I suspend them in a cellar for a cabbage stump, there they are perfectly stored till March and longer.

And to the heads of cabbage going for salting - frosts only on advantage: sauerkraut from them turns out wonderfully well - crackling, excellent juicy taste! On a table nothing will replace it!