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What is respiratory psychotechnicians?

go just Now flow of “new psychological technologies“ which are used in individual and group forms. The considerable place among them is taken such in which the changed conditions of consciousness are used.

Their success is dictated by several prerequisites: they are effective, fast, safe, do not limit freedom of the client and do not tear off him from real life like sect. There are their main directions.

The Rebefing (from English rebirthing - revival, spiritual revival) - the system of coherent conscious breath directed to removal of stresses, first of all - birth injuries. The main objectives - to learn to inhale energy as easily as air; to solve secret of the birth - death and to include a body and mind in conscious life of Eternal Spirit.

In a rebefing the special attention is paid:

and) to release of breath and release of energy;

) study of 5 Great Problems - the births, parental disapproval, own pessimism, aspiration to death, antecedents.

In a rebefing various “formats“ are developed: “Sukhoi“, “water“, etc. An interaction form with the client - individual.

The Rebefing has a bright spiritual shade and is part of wider system which is called yoga of eternal life. The system includes 9 basic principles: clarification by Water, Fire, Air, Earth, the Karma - to yogi, the Mantra - to yogi, Lyubov, Favour and Respect.

Training of the loving relationship (LRT) - the psychotechnology using coherent breath, elements of trainings, communication, work with affirmation (deep positive self-statements). The emphasis is placed on the concept “Thoughts create reality“. The system consists of a set of the exercises and the technician allowing to clear “negative thoughts“ and to begin to improve quality of the attitude towards itself, to the body, parents, sex, money, work, God.

Vayveyshn (from armor. vivation, vivo - to live, vividus - full of life, live, ardent, strong), other name - an integrative rebefing . According to his creators, not only release, but also certain methods of work with the experiences coming to time of respiratory session (session) is necessary. Therefore in vayveyshn there is a concept of 5 elements of process which allow to come quickly and effectively to integration. This cyclic breath, full relaxation, detailed understanding, entry into ecstasy, attention to desires.

In vayveyshn the special attention is paid to technology of breath. There are various steps of training of integration: “Sukhoi“ vayveyshn, “water“, “out-patient“ - fixing of skill in everyday life (behind food, driving the car and in another). In it there is no loud music and magnificent travel. But there is a gentle attitude towards ordinary reality, softness and attention towards feelings of a body. The purpose is not change of reality, not opening new and even not reminiscence of turning points of the biography, but the friendly relations with this reality.

Holotropny breath. the Word “holotropny“ literally means “striving for integrity“ (from Greek holos - whole and trepein - moving in a certain direction). Its main differences are: deeper and fast coherent breath, than in a usual state, specially picked up music, the help to the client at difficulties in work with breath and a body. It is supplemented with creative self-expression - drawing of mandalas, free dances, a molding from clay and so forth. Work form generally group. Holotropny therapy recognizes positive opportunities of unusual conditions of consciousness when there is a spontaneous healing.

Holotropny breath makes active unconscious, releases the energy connected in emotional and psychosomatic symptoms and transfers static balance of this energy to an experience stream. With the correct support radical solution of the problem, psychosomatic treatment and evolution of consciousness can be result.

Free breath - more tekhnologizirovanny Russian option of use of coherent natural breath. It is the equipment giving to the person access to resources of consciousness and exempting its mentality from freight of the saved-up stresses. Free breath allows to change considerably a situation, to sharply accelerate medical process, makes active creative activity of unconscious. It starts the mechanism allowing to overcome habitual refusal of creative activity and provides readiness to solve problems.

At the technological level Free breath is expressed in 5 elements, two of which are similar corresponding in vayveyshn, three others differ on sense and contents. Them are: full relaxation, coherent breath, volume attention, flexibility of a context, active trust. Within Free breath various formats of work are developed too: “Sukhoi“ and “water“ processes, processes with a mirror and eye to eye.

All these psychotechnologies - opened, but not always safe for the person with unstable mentality space of theories, processes and skills, stay in which allows the person to find and maintain integrity of the life. Often them call integrative is an uniting name for various methods of work with coherent conscious breath, such as a rebefing, free breath, vayveyshn, holotropny breath, and also others the psychotechnician of consciousness with the smaller number of followers.