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Where your center of a body?

Each part of a body of the person are considered his life connected with a certain social or emotional sphere. In a stomach at us there “live“ fears, on shoulders we bear responsibility, from a back we get support. Surely there will be also a body body - its center. From it the person lives and interacts with the world.

You can live all life, without knowing where it is. But once you will understand it is and a lot of things will become more clear. The center usually is the most sensitive part of a body , at the same time it is well looked through both in a statics, and in dynamics.

In static poses - sitting, standing or lying, the person closes the center hands or turn of a trunk in uncomfortable situations, and allocates, opens in comfortable and safe. For example, all of us like to sleep in some certain pose. In it we close the center, as if protecting it from unexpected invasion. If the center is the stomach or a breast - people sleep on a stomach or in an embryo pose if a back - on a back if the head - people enclose hands under the head or are curtailed a kalachik.

The movement of the person, as a rule, begins with the center and as if twists around it. Observe attentively and for certain you will notice that one person goes, proudly bearing the head forward, someone moves, twisting round its pivot-center, someone thoroughly crosses legs. At the same time it is visible what part of a body of people bears what just pulls along.

The center of a body of people also likes to decorate. Quite often we are especially attached to some part of clothes. We have ten skirts or trousers, or a heap of gloves. Parts of clothes are connected with parts of a body too. Trousers at women are connected with legs, and skirts with a basin, gloves with hands and social contacts, hats and headdresses with the head, scarfs - with a neck.

If for the person the main thing in life are contacts with other people, his hands will be very mobile. It will constantly draw attention with various gestures, a potiraniye, crunch of fingers, difficult manicure, rings and rings.

Various accessories, apparently, are thought specially up only for this purpose.

Over the years the center of a body can change. Some problem is solved, the need for something leaves, and then one center gives way to another. It is bad when the center remains always one. Usually it means that the person was a little improved, changed insufficiently, has standard thinking.

With change of the center speed of the movement, speed, grace and plasticity changes. In different situations the center can be a miscellaneous. Normally, when at work of people it is aligned on a head zone, but guards if the stomach “joins“. It is possible to assume that the person is afraid to lose work or is in a constant stress.

It is the simplest “to be connected“ to the center therefore it is especially vulnerable in case of power aggression. Probably, you noticed: in an uncomfortable situation at one the head, begins to hurt others heart, someone - a stomach. It is one of criteria of the center too. For protection it is closed various amulets.

For what it is necessary to know the center of a body? It at the same time both force, and weakness of the person. While the person is in a zone of the center, it is effective and works correctly. It is worth appearing in not the peculiar environment - and everything is literally scattered. It how to play soccer on the home field. Besides, the center is still system of the argument. Knowing what center of a body at your opponent, you will be able easily to speak with it one language.

To the person who lives from the head it is useless to speak - “feel“. Addressing it, appeal to its logic, safely reason, you remove formulas, weigh pluses and minuses.

Getting a job to the chief living from a zone of hands tell him as much an opportunity to work in good, solid collective means to you. If before you the thorough and strong standing on the feet person - lean on how your experience and abilities will increase profit of firm.

To learn what is the center of a body of the person, rather not for long to observe how it moves, sits, rises, behaves in relation to space.

What centers of a body exist and most often occur at people? If the center - the head , before you the person conceiving, the logical, trying to find in everything sense and to work, having weighed and having thought over . In everything he likes to submit the action plan. Transfers changes hardly. Rejects any manifestations of feelings if they are not supported with logic. On all the actions and actions of other people imposes correctness censorship. Communicating with it, address its logic, prove the case sober mind.

Neck. This person constantly is in search new - opportunities, acquaintances, meetings, situations. It is rather sensitive to own benefit. It is cunning and resourceful. But at the same time he is clever and can endure any crises and adversities easily and without serious consequences as the baron Myunkhgauzen. With it it is rather easy and interesting. Trying to interest such person, propose the non-standard solution or what it never before did, or just lay out all cards. Such people very much like to choose.

Shoulders. People with the center of a body in them are very responsible and patient. Usually life of such person - infinite freight and cares for all people around. More often it is the senior children in large families which, having grown up younger, then patiently drag the families, adult children moreover manage to hold important posts at work. They are quite quiet and judicious, but their mind “is switched off“ when you ask them a question why, actually, they so live? It is not difficult to achieve something from them. It is enough to say the sacramental phrase: “You cannot bring me? I so counted on you!“ If such phrase is often said in your address, think whether the burden on your shoulders is not too heavy?

Hands. the Most important in life is communication and interaction with other people. Communicating with such person, try to emphasize your community. The pronoun “we“ for this person sounds more with pleasure, than “I“. These are excellent people of team. In life they reach much thanks to skill to communicate. Weakness of this center is shown when contact with others for some reasons is complicated.

Breast. This person lives feelings and only them. Yet the stream of feelings, to it will not be dried up everywhere and it will be always comfortable. At the same time it is unimportant what feelings - good or bad, negative or positive. To it well just from the fact that they are. Logic for it - an empty phrase. He will attentively listen to your arguments, but all the same will make in own way. He is capable to create a lot of things and to destroy a lot of things. Than your speech is more emotional, especially you will be clear to such interlocutor.

Back. People with centering on a back very much need support. They are ready to pull up trees if feel that someone covers behind, but are not capable to take also a step if they suddenly lose it. Their main motive in work and in life is the aspiration to meet someone`s approval. Wishing to achieve something from such people, tell them: “Give, act, I will cover!“.

Basin. the People living from this part of a body think of freedom, the and people around very much. They afford a lot of things, acting from own logic based on idea of how it has to be. Their motto: “I do what is good to me!“. Despite an egocentrism, they respect freedom of others. They are sensual, sexual, relaxed, sometimes are even intemperate. Hedonists and esthetes on belief. Addressing them, play on thin strings of their soul, but not in which case do not try to limit their freedom. Do not take out a rigid framework at all. The contract or contractual relations for them are not acceptable, laws and rules are written not for them, the accounts department - tires, and need to pay bills frightens.

Legs. These people are very solid, thorough, sedate and substantial. The most important in their life is accumulation of the capital material and spiritual. Unlike people of “neck“, they do not think of momentary benefit, but build the relations for ages. Are very subject to influence of a sort or clan. Adore luxury goods. Prefer to get a serious education in the best higher education institutions and build houses for grandsons and great-grandsons, without having got children yet.

People of this kind are very greedy for any guarantees. These are favourite clients of insurance agents and the solid companies. All their life - creation of the base. Their motto: “I made. I constructed. My grandsons will be me is proud“. It is possible to deal with them, they are reliable also same demand from others.