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How to struggle with sleeplessness?

without being a doctor, Shakespeare called a dream “the main delicacy on a vital feast“. And someone from Christian Saints called it the only thing “pleasure without repentance“. Its quality influences a state nervous, immune, is warm - vascular systems and even life expectancy.

If just to lie, the brain has not a rest. When we sleep, he has a rest from day cares and is taken energy. If it is correct to organize the life, sleeplessness will not be. The main thing - to eliminate what prevents to sleep.

1. One of the elementary ways - to allocate small time (till 30 minutes in 1-3 hours before going to bed) for considering of the collected problems and planning of next day.

2. Think of boring. For example, it is quite good to repeat by heart verses or prayers. It is optional to consider elephants - it is possible to remember all countries of the world and their capital.

3. Strain, and then consistently as much as possible relax muscles. It is the best of all to begin from below and to move ahead slowly to the head. Do not forget about muscles of a neck and the person. Straining a muscle, count to 10, weakening - again to 10. It you for certain will weaken the stress which collected in a day.

4. you do not sleep in the afternoon. The quiet time is undesirable to most of people as it can rearrange their internal clocks.

5. Hide or rearrange hours. Usually the person wakes up in a night several times, but right there again falls asleep. People with sleeplessness not always manage it. Do not use the knocking pendulum clock and alarm clocks with sharp sounds. Best of all - to be accustomed to rise at the same time to their signal.

6. you Sleep in a cool. The heat bath really helps to fall asleep. Ideally temperature of a bedroom has to be slightly lower comfortable for day time. If in the afternoon in the room about 20 °C, lower two degrees for the night.

7. Maintain optimum humidity in the house. In the winter heating dries air in a bedroom, and at the same time and a nasopharynx. The elementary exit to breathe in a dream only a nose, it is more difficult - to get a humidifier.

8. the Bed is intended only for a dream. Too many got used to do in it another matters: to eat, read, knit, watch TV. From here problem as reflex.

9. At sleeplessness leave a bedroom. Ancient recipe: if you turn without dream, get up and sit in other room. Esteem there, watch TV (only not the horror film). Try to hold on as long as possible.

10. do not drink for night of coffee. Caffeine worsens a dream at most of people and not just invigorates, and causes some kind of disturbing state which can remain and at night.

11. do not relax by means of alcohol. Alcohol really lulls, but researches show what a dream after it faltering, fragmentary, psychiatrists tell - “dotted“. At accepting alcohol before going to bed the probability of nightmares increases.

12. Nicotine also prevents to relax as it stimulates the central nervous system. If sleeplessness began, try not to smoke at least several hours before going to bed.

13. the Light meal for the night - a dietology call, but at some it improves a dream. It agrees one of theories, it is all about the calming amino acid tryptophane which it is a lot of, for example, in milk, a bird and bananas.

14. do not eat too much at the same time. No comments.

15. Avoid sharp before going to bed - it irritates a stomach.

16. do not starve before going to bed. Changes of a diet are reflected in all organism so, having gone on a diet, be not surprised to sleep disorders. If the diet is really necessary, try not to reduce total of food and the more so not to starve. The best option - is what is useful in the small portions, but more often throughout the day.

17. Many diseases - satellites of sleeplessness. Pains, cough, the compelled pose do not allow to fall asleep, and you take medicine. However many prescription means prevent or to sleep at night, or to wake up up to the end in the afternoon. Some of them suppress a so-called dream with the fast movements of eyes - special cyclic (1 - 2 hour) the state which is followed by dreams. As a result, having even disconnected on all night long, you wake up with not rested brain.

How to warn medicinal sleeplessness if nevertheless it is necessary to accept medicines? Doctors advise the following: attentively read structure and the summary even of OTC medicines, look for safe alternative; at prescription of medicine the doctor do not forget to ask about his action on a day and night dream; take an interest in the planned term of treatment and a possibility of elimination of complications in case of their emergence.