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How to achieve success in any business?

As often we undertake some business and we do not finish it. Though we dream of results and fulfillments … And happens, we begin unloved activity in search of success and victories. And again nothing is impossible. Why so? What it is important to remember, nobility and do for achievement of success?

At once I will make a reservation: there is no droplet of hope for those whom only the success interests . How to achieve success, without doing anything, I do not know. And nobody knows it. Because in a magic way everything turns out only in fairy tales. And in life all in a different way.

In - the first, decide by on that activity which is pleasant to you . Not to your parents, not acquaintances and nobody else. Namely to you. And the desire has to be a priority in the choice: “I want“, but not degree of profitability, prospect, prestigiousness, etc. All the rest - on the second, third and fourth plans.

In - the second, for achievement of any results it is necessary to increase self-confidence . Without internal belief and sense to make a choice it will not turn out. Believe in yourself, become the strong person. Pass the way on overcoming of need for approval, support etc. And then to you the new horizons of will open . But it will be only the beginning of a long way.

Many books recommend to believe in success. I recommend to be more careful with it. The belief is necessary, but the blind aspiration to success can spoil everything. If you are puzzled only with the purpose, dreams of result, dreams about the greatness, you risk to achieve nothing and to give up business by incomplete. In total and at once does not come.

Therefore I specified the following item: believe in the business even if it seems to all not successful.

The fourth, and most important: go deep into process completely . Be infinitely improved in details. Set before yourself the small purposes and reach them. You do not aspire to mountain tops. But you seek to make so that each perfected trifle gave you pleasure. A step behind a step, slowly, but persistently overcome each stage. Do not wait for support and approval. Do contrary to, and sometimes “against wind“ (against public opinion). Feel the way .

Broaden the horizons . Read books, put in yourself new knowledge. You study where nobody learns, look for where nothing is visible. Adopt experience of other people. Enjoy process. Tiresome, everyday uninteresting process.

And wait for nothing in exchange . From anybody. Business in itself has to bring you pleasure, without results. Receive pleasure from external emptiness and internal fullness.

And through long time when you rejoice certainly to the new achievements when you feel the importance of the knowledge, and it to you will be already enough. When you do not need public recognition, then slowly it to you will come. Short timid steps...

And the person who became an expert in the activity does not consider himself great at all. He knows that he just did the part. Long, persistently did. He knows that a success solution at all not in greatness, and in work .

And everyone, each of us can become successful , but not this main thing. The main thing that you found the, did the, derived from it pleasure and it it was full, waited for nothing and anything did not count on. Sometimes forgot to eat, forgot to have a sleep, forgot about himself, about everything. It was so absorbed by the aspirations.

And everything that was put then, is only small insignificant “bonus“ which appeared by itself, suddenly, unexpectedly.

And you, already successful, reached heights, feel only at the foot of the big great mountain. And only now felt all depth of the words told once: “I know that I know nothing... And some also do not know it“ (Socrates).

I wish you good luck and success in your activity!