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About gentle women of

“On the third at night. Having woken up early …“ Is not present, was even not so. To us spoiled by huge snowdrifts, pure dogs and surprising shine at night when the frost, snow suddenly did not get. Even those who promised us snow on New Year`s Eve took a sin on soul. We hid behind a dam from a flood, aired us as old father`s trenik hurricanes, to us was dark and damp, and snow - was not. So what? The Nevsky and without snow is good in the winter, in Hermitage theater still give the Nutcracker, fir-trees, fairs everywhere, and is closer to Christmas something native is felt, almost forgotten: in cafe and small restaurants there are no places …

I when our most august Hugo - the West, our nice Peterhof burst in snow, we realized boring “again that we have - we do not store …“ In this case - even in memory because, of course, not to keep snow till next winter (though prospects such happened).

Snow went and went, then is stronger, then snowfall, and we all thought of what is too warm, and suddenly it will thaw? But it did not thaw because went not along city streets, and slightly at some distance from breath of St. Petersburg. It went, went, and reached that dogs became pure. And with them and children in overalls. Both janitors, and their broom. And as if on wave of a ritual staff snowmen began to arise everywhere. And not just on a snowman on the yard, and the real companies of snowmen, and the decent sizes, I will report on you!

And now when I leave on privokzalno - the become silent winter Lomonosov Square, me not banners and even not citizens at stops meet. And not a memorable sign: huge snowman. It is such big that it becomes clear - it is work of adults who waited for snow. And here they, look, in construction uniforms and gloves: the hardened fight by snowballs! Yes. And in general, all this story would not make any sense if not one “but“: we will forget again the soft and fluffy snow because to us will be once, the spring, then summer and fall, and only then, it when still, - winter will come. So let`s remember these wonderful days when we had snow and we, any more without hesitating of anybody, built huge snowmen and strove to trip up the neighbor that he fell a cropper in a snowdrift. And the thoughtful kid, looking on - to the adult and with curiosity, designated the phenomenon:

- Mothers, look, the gentle woman!