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The shortest philosophy of life

the Prologue

Yet Adam and Eve as SUBJECTIVE ELEMENTS who did not taste a forbidden fruit (Sub. Al - you) DEVELOPED (_ / - ty) God from “/it is IN A COMPLEX CHARACTERISTIC DIFFERENTIATED (Km. Hrk - rno Df - nny) / parts“ the basic Sub. concepts of the UNIVERSE (Vs - oh) / i.e. from “parts“ of MATTER (M - and) a pervocheloveka/, had the status QUALITATIVELY and QUANTITATIVELY TOZHDESTVENNOSTNY (Kchs - about and Klch - about Tzhd - ny) conceptual FINISHING (Stars - ayushchy) OBJECTIVE (About.) Al - t _ / - ty God from “parts“ of the basic (About.) concepts of Vs - oh / i.e. from “parts“ paradise M - and/!

“About people! Be afraid of your Lord Who created you from one person, created from him couple to him …“

the Koran of page 4, and. 1

A owing to PRIMENYoNNOSTI (Prm - and) not to destination BELIEVED (Pl - emy) it according to the status “the METHOD of SIMPLE ASSIMILATION (M. I bear) / About. Al - t /“, i.e. Prm - and “I bear M.“ in the RELATION (Otn - e) UNIQUE (EV - oho) About. Al - that DEFINED (Opr - yo - oho) God - the Creator as “closed assimilation /“,

“And both of them ate from it …“

the Koran of page 20, and. 121

was ignored, bypassed ZAPRETITELNO barrier - PRECAUTIONARY GOD`S WORDS which, if DIRECT (nepsr - about) served image the purpose of the office “closed“ from GREATEST POSSIBLE (Mksv - oho) of number About. Al - t Opr - yo - ykh God - the Creator as «which are not closed“, opsr - about figuratively served the purpose of a protection of a paradise couple from loss of the status providing them careless life

“… Let the Satan will not exhaust you from paradise and there will be no you unfortunate! You cannot starve there both not to be nude and not to be eager there and not to suffer from heat““ from

the Koran of page 20, and. 117 - 119

- here so the first couple of people made the double nature the guilty act of falling: nepsr - about figuratively without having counted with the Km fact. Hrk - rny Df - a nnost About. Al - t they became opsr - about figuratively not concordants and with the fact to Km. Hrk - ache Df - nnost, and, so with REALITY (Rl - yu) Sub. Al - tno - also were figurative without the actual cover STRUCTURALLY and FUNCTIONALLY (Str - but also Fnk - about) them from each other separating!

“…, were bared their shameless places, and they began to stick on themselves paradise leaves. Then their Lord appealed to them: “Unless I did not forbid you this tree and did not tell you that a devil for you - the obvious enemy?“.

Koran of page 7, and. Adam and Eve`s 22

Destinies it is destinies Sub. Al - t opsr - about figuratively DISOBEYED the God`s order from - for the fact that gave in to arrangements of a Satan, i.e. Sub. Al - that _ / - that God from MINIMUM POSSIBLE (Mnmv - oh) “parts“ AUXILIARY (Vspm - oho) Sub. concepts of Vs - oh / i.e. Mnmv - oh “parts“ from ANGELIC (Ang.) M - and / in whom Kchs - about tipno Tzhd - Nye the CONFLICTNESS (KNF-) Ang. M - and with M - it the pervocheloveka which is Knf - yu between Sub. concepts, amplifying Klch - about tipno Tzhd - ache Knf - yu a Satan with pervocheloveky as Knf - yu between Mnmv - ymiy “parts“ from which they _ / - you, are splashed out in nepsr - about figurative DISOBEDIENCE by the God`s Satan of an order

“… “Bite the dust before Adam!“. They (angels) bit the dust, and only Iblis was not among bowed. Allah told

: “What prevented you to bite the dust when I ordered you?“. Iblis told: “I am better than it. You created me from fire, and it is from clay“.“

Koran of page 7, and. 11 - 12

Role of a Satan, as nepsr - about figuratively NOT CONCORDANT with Rl - yu the Vspm - oh Sub. Al - tny, in PROVOKING (Prvts - AI) Adam and Eve on opsr - about figurative disagreement with Rl - yu the main Sub. Al - tny: it is a role Str - but Hrk - rno Knf - a leg - obviously enemy - SPEECH MAKING (Rch. Sstvo - it) Vs - oh / i.e. “Ya1“ / in Pl - scientific research institute Fnk - but Hrk - rno Knf - ny - implicitly enemy - Rch. Sstvo - their Vs - oh / i.e. “Ya2“/!

Success in nepsr - about Hrk - rny Prvts - AI Prm - and opsr - about Hrk - rny Prvts - iya in Otn - and Adam`s descendants will doom a Satan to “Sisyphean task“: for “Ya1“ once to achieved Pl - niy “Ya2“ with it the connected NIZVEDYoNNOSTI (Nzvd - and) Adam and Eve from Paradise to Earth as to Hell for paradise couple of people, the right of lime is granted and to reduce to the real Hell of the people of Earth considering terrestrial our destiny as the real paradise destiny in whose “Ya2“ once breaks “Ya1“!

“. About Adam`s sons! Do not allow a devil to seduce you just as he brought out of Paradise of your parents. It broke from them clothes to show them their shameless places. Truly, it and his relatives see you from there where you do not see them. Truly, We made devils patrons and assistants to those who do not believe.“

Koran of page 7, and. 27

Beware of NAUShAYuShchEGO of “Ya1“!

“… from the evil of the tempter receding (or contracting) at Allah`s remembrance,

which naushchat in a breast of people

and happens from genies and people“.

Koran of page 114, and. 3 - 6

the Foremother our Eve had to and applied “M. I bear“ in Otn - e to “closed“ because by her EV - oh the DUTY (Obz - yu) according to the status Sub. Al - that _ / - that from Mnmv - oh “speak rapidly“ M - and a pervocheloveka was Stars - an eniye “closed“ as About. Al - that _ / - that from Mnmv - oh “parts“ paradise M - and and in addition to it since the moment _ / - a toast having Klch - about tipny Tzhd - she was able (CSt - and) nepsr - oh Knf - and with Satan / “Ya1“ there is Mksv - about DEYSTVENNOSTNYM (Dy - ny) at the REORIENTATION (perenp - nnost) from hearing of a pervochelovek to acoustical Sstv - it Eve / that promoted temporary success of a Satan: in an image of the wife there was a board protecting the husband from nepsr - about Hrk - the rny pressure of phrases of “Ya1“!

Is wrong Aristotle who ranked a feminine in one conceptual row with an even set, moving, curve, darkness etc., thanking the fact that Pl - scientific research institute of phrases of Mksv - about figurative “Ya2“ convenient for “digestion“ by the husband in phrases of Mnmv is connected with the woman - about figurative “Ya2“ the machismo is in one conceptual row with light, active, firm, external, heavenly etc.: thanking a number of Pl - the wife`s emost the husband is strong in opposition with a Satan!

“… Your wives - an attire for you, and you - an attire for them …“

the Koran of page 2, and. 187

(to be continued)