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Olives, salad or glutamate? Why the Russian tourists so often complain of food in the Eat hotels

such saying: “I am not a roll with oil to be pleasant“, that is it is supposed that there is a set of food capable to be pleasant to all. The hotels accepting raznonatsionalny structure of tourists usually include in the menu of a dish of international kitchen, a dish of a local cuisine, dish for the people keeping to a diet, and seasonal vegetables and fruit.

Depending on category and mission of hotel also the range of dishes is formed. For example, there are hotels specializing in reception of the tourists traveling from the city to the city. It is supposed that guests will prefer to spend more time at excursions and in the same place to try dishes of a local cuisine at restaurants and cafe. Therefore hoteliers seldom offer the expanded menu, especially during breakfasts. A cup of coffee or tea, a roll, jam - a standard set.

The so-called rezorta and club hotels constructed on coast of reservoirs count that tourists the main time of holiday will be in hotel and therefore expand the range of services (beach accessories, SPA - the centers, shops, animation, entertainment programs) and offer the expanded menu.

The category of hotel is higher, the it is more expensive and the tourists will be able to find the bigger choice of dishes there. Besides, in such hotels several restaurants and snek - bars are quite often equipped, and guests have an opportunity is in any part of hotel and even at any time.

The early breakfast passes into a late breakfast on a terrace, then at once open snek - bars and work till lunch time. After a lunch and a late lunch tourists can have a bite in the same bars, for an afternoon snack the tea table with sweets is laid, then there is a dinner, a supper, night snek, a fruit table and early soups. Of course, rest on such board costs little not.

But even the budgetary hotels applying for 4 or 5 stars are ready to offer guests five times food with a wide choice of dishes.

It would seem, clients at such richness of the choice will not be able to find a reason for discontent, but as it is strange, and in written responses, and in talk of Russian-speaking tourists a red thread the phrase pulses: “Is there is nothing“.

At the same time than more expensive the hotel, the more the choice of dishes and restaurants, the more complain tourists.

But the words “is there is nothing“ do not mean that the food at restaurant was not absolutely more likely it is meant it that the food was tasteless or did not meet expectations and flavoring preferences. Having observed guests of hotel where I had a rest, I could solve terrible secret - why tourists have nothing to eat and why they complain of extra kilos after holiday.

Two cheerful teenagers about 11 and 13 years went to a little table, having carried in hands on a plate. On dishes the mountain filled a green salad, grated carrots, cabbage, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes and on the edge the lemon half lay to fill vegetables. On a separate dish of the boy bore olives. I at first thought that it is French, but according to their speech understood that they from Switzerland. At the same time children chose to themselves food, is obvious to the taste. Having decided to observe that boys will eat with such well well-mannered flavoring receptors still, I sat down closer. After snack they kneaded soup, a fried chicken with steam cabbage of broccoli, for a dessert - dates, cheese and orange.

After a lunch, passing by snek - bar, I observed already other picture: the young family with two children, one of whom was in a carriage, was carefully stuffed by French fries with ketchup that there is no other than the fried starch greased with the boiled and tinted starch. Well and, naturally, amplifiers of taste like a sodium glutamate. Still there were hamburgers, with ketchup too, behind them even the turn became. Concerning a nationality of these tourists I did not guess - the.

But snek - bars work not all the time, at the main restaurant of such dishes do not give therefore tourists should choose though something habitual to their taste. And here the trap turns out.

Trying to diversify the menu, hoteliers include in the range useful dishes, without additives.

Therefore I even not strongly was surprised when I read the comment of one of compatriots. It it is proud imparted personal experience: now on rest they take with themselves smoked sausage, herring preserved food, fat and a marching penknife cut this luxury in the number on a bedside table, having spread, probably, a plastic package or a newspaper. That as houses - both it is nourishing, and is tasty. And on a newspaper. Not olives with salad for breakfast are!

And after such breakfast of a kartokha in snek - bar to wait much more cheerfully.