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What “Africa“ begins with? Of course, from beautiful color combinations! If, at last, you decided to awaken

sensually - emotional perception of reality in the members of household and palsy-walsy accepted in your house, then begin to think over composition of future house exhibition of small plasticity in the African style right now.

And, thinking over versions of decisions, you remember that only well directed exhibition with free placement of exhibits and (surely!) in the color environment, characteristic of Africa, will allow your audience to feel specific spirit of traditional culture of tropical Africa in all its wealth, a variety and high artistry.

Small plasticity (a type of an easel sculpture, differing in the small sizes) as well as possible shows advantages of the African culture over the European rationalism. In the sense that in psychology of the person who is not separating himself by nature, direct feelings of a form, color, a rhythm which so are not enough for Europeans (yes, art intuition of Africans are dominating - just bewitches!) .

Possibly, you, as well as most of the African sculptors, are not connected with any of esthetic theories and therefore - it is free, naturally and are easily ready to combine the Russian birches with anthropomorphous figurines of Cameroon or a graceful ligature of a Slavic filigrana with the terracotta heads of culture of Ife. I do not doubt that it is very beautiful, but believe - it is the best of all to admire the African plasticity in the “African“ environment.

With what to begin? From studying of analogs!. Set to yourself the task - to check as much as possible pictures (it is desirable, qualitative polygraphy) with views of Africa, both landscape, and household. Without peering and without analyzing, choose several pieces by the principle: “it was pleasant - even - not - I know - why“. Five - six pictures - an optimal variant. Clean the others far away that did not distract - surplus of information tires.

Further we begin to argue - to analyze... And to be correct in relation to you, dear readers not to impose certain “correct“ recommendations, I will analyze, pronouncing aloud own preferences.


“As I already decided to decorate that part of a wall which is visible at once as it comes into the room and on which the daylight falls from left to right, I need to decide on proportions. However, to think - that especially and it is not necessary. Just I know: proportions of “golden ratio“ - the most suitable option. Also I will decorate smaller part of a wall.

Color?. It is dazzling white - first of all. Beautiful pastel beige - it is obligatory! Sated warmly - brown - undoubtedly. Deep black (besides, warm) - of course! But it will be chilly and too grafichno … “Zhivinka“ are necessary - painting is necessary. But only slightly - slightly. Search - and plasticity will be lost. Painting on a wall will take away all attention to itself. So - so - so … We think!“

in search of inspiration I examine pictures … Saw a successful combination of color spots: darkly - brown (almost black) in tone contrast with beautiful sand … White and yellow streaks on sand surprisingly well recover a piece, big on the area, beige near small, but massive and rough according to the invoice is black - a brown spot. Remarkably! There are a suitable contrast and composite balance. There is a balance in color and tone.

I argue further:

“White color and razbelenny in two - three colors quiet beige will be the main background. A role of a dark stain will be played by figurines and idols. Perhaps, there will be a mask. And not one. It is necessary to maintain next red, blue and yellow colors on masks. But not to repeat in shape - “hits“ are not necessary to me … Lines? Yes, of course! Isothread lines, but smooth and fluid. And it is a little. Only slightly - slightly to recover and support. And in style of supergraphics!

Dark on light?. He agrees. But, that there were no sharp borders and volume forms were read, I will enter half tone between white and is dark - brown. Though the muffled imitation of a leopard skin can be half tone also … M - mm, it is interesting … to

Patches of light too?. Only gilding and the polished tree will glare, and paint will be opaque. Only opaque!.“

Continuing to argue, I already take a pencil in hand and I begin with foreskiz (formal, draft), from scribbles to move forward - to the main sketch of my plan. I do not cease to argue and analyze, compare and compare before completion of all work. There is a strong wish to execute beautifully dressing in “African motives“ style!