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Sacral energy of

Working with energiya, it is necessary to remember their principles:

- all in everything; that above, and below; everything vibrates, everything radiates, everything has information on itself; nothing disappears anywhere, everything has feedback that you will send, will receive; in total polarly (heat - cold, good - the evil, the man - the woman); everything is dual (plus excites, minus brakes, i.e. force of action is equal to counteraction force speed); accidents do not happen (any reason has a consequence, each consequence has the reason); one cannot exist without another; without having one, you will not have another; to have one, it is necessary to offer another; who gives, that receives; the blank space is filled; one dies, another is born; everything is subject to change. Never break freedom of manifestation of other being. All the rest knows spirit of each of us, and nobody has the right to limit its manifestations.

Sacral portals level all spatially - temporary ways, helping you, to your ancestors and your children, remove karmic knots, give an impetus to evolution of that and others. The portal can change, amplify, and with you it will be eternal and for what life it is more important, for this or for that, One man`s guess is as good as another`s. Channels of streams of global forces of the Universe, passing external biopolar and internal organic bodies of the person, force them to vibrate in compliance of a healthy rhythm of an organism, gradually clearing of negative information. In it there is a root of healing and rejuvenation. The world is the right for energy consumption, but that which is given in the natural way and with pleasure. So the self-sufficient person is born. Names of channels in portals is not the password, and introduction in this or that stream, i.e. these are similar or similar vibrations which tighten these or those forces. The relationship of channel traditions is that the stream arrives through space over the head of the person and stimulates power information centers (charkas). And the difference of channel systems consists in spaces with which the fence of power streams is conducted, and in protection which at many esoteric directions are absent or do not work in a due measure. Some figures fondly believe and propagandize that someone will pray for forgiveness of someone, will prepare “paradise“ in heaven, will move mad mankind on purer space. Fairy tales for inhabitants die together with inhabitants. Health and diseases, wealth and poverty, an enlightenment and madness begin with a thin inner world, with thin concepts. Global forces of the Universe give ability to treat themselves and others, to cooperate with reasonable forces of Earth and Space, to work on space ecology, to independently broaden spheres of the opportunities in any branches of life.

Our current life is a mirage and nonsenses. Know that you in the dream are not lonely. Dreams are given to people to realize them. When you do something, you do first of all for yourself, you just do what you want to do that has to do. As soon as in the head the doubt sounded, you stop being yourself. Believe what only true is your choice. As soon as doubts are expelled, becomes possible anything. The pleasure of life is to be grateful that the world invisible gives you this opportunity even if you are not capable to understand why yet and why. Dedications give strengthening and expansion of energiya of the person at the expense of the high-speed, superdifficult, concentrated streams that results subsequently in balance and compliance of two energiya: the organism devoted and the energiya given at dedication i.e. at this combination you can be that whom you want to be whom has to be actually. The harmonious combination of all in everything gives a condition of happiness. All of us consist of energy and we live in the world of reasonable energy which captured all Universe. And if all in everything, then all this helps with real life of a material world in which you live. It will be not illusion, not the theory, but practical knowledge which brings real result. In the nature everything is interconnected and submits to the same laws of the continuous movement of forces of accumulation and expansion for further creation. Sacral forces of the Universe are big and boundless, becoming part them, you become that whom you want to be whom you have to be actually (“all in everything“).

It is necessary to know that any great idea if is based only on ideas of personal enrichment, then than it masked, initially the entrance to the power information Universe is closed because there is a constant power exchange of higher order. The highest astral and higher spiritual plan is very compact world. There is nothing superfluous, there is no concept of distance and time therefore dedications - sonastroyka can be carried out to portals of global forces of the Universe in the remote mode after a short phone conversation. If some experts claim that it is impossible, then it is impossible only in their reality. Simply speaking, they it are not able. In energy there is no impossible. It is possible to devote, even never without seeing the person, by fine tuning under his voice. If the person does not know Russian, dedication is carried out with the translator. Even, without knowing language, we represent a whole. All of us energy also live in the world of reasonable energy. Energy can be transformed, change itself, but in essence it is uniform. Dedications are carried out in each portal in three steps (three days) within 20 minutes without preliminary preparation. And if the person is devoted, it means that he is popular by the Universe, and nobody has the right to discuss it. In sacral forces of the Universe of casual people does not happen.

“Each worker is worthy livelihoods“ - wise men said. Any work interfaced to expense of energy is paid. The more the person pays, the more receives. It is the fact. As during the work on balance of an organism the law of balance of energiya enters work.

As the wise aged man Isiydor told, consecrating our technicians: “Go way of knowledge and you remember that there are no forces from God. In total in everything. And only in the movement there is a sense. All of us one, and each of us costs between two and connects all“.