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You can prepare pastries from cottage cheese simply, quickly and it is delightful tasty?

In my family favourite dairy product - cottage cheese. For breakfast I often bake cottage cheese rolls, just a yum-yum! The pastries turn out by sight very appetizing, on taste gentle and juicy. I offer the recipe of pastries:

I Knead fresh dough, one and a half kilograms of the wheat flour which is well sifted through a small sieve, 35 grams of sunflower oil, a salt pinch, and waters in such quantity that dough at a vymeshivaniye was elastic for this purpose are necessary. For one roll it is required to us - 700 grams of this test.

For a stuffing will be required cottage cheese of 300 grams, butter of 50 grams, 80 grams of icing sugar, three crude yolks, 30 grams of raisin, 30 g crushed, the cleared almonds kernels, a dried peel of one lemon and one egg white (for greasing).

Dough is rolled with 70 mm. thickness, in the form of a rectangle, I smear with a cottage cheese stuffing, accurately I curtail roll, carefully I put on a baking sheet, previously having greased it with butter, I pin roll a fork from sides and from above, and I grease with egg white. I bake in an oven at a two hundred-degree temperature. It is not a shame to serve such toasted, fragrant, strewed with icing sugar roll also to guests to tea. I Can offer

still the recipe of the most tasty roll from the cottage cheese test. we will take

For the test 150 grams of wheat flour of the premium, 150 grams of cottage cheese, 170 grams of creamy melted butter, one crude yolk, a salt pinch.

For a stuffing will be required 300 grams of the peeled apples, 90 grams of icing sugar, 60 grams of kernels of almonds, 40 grams of raisin.

Further to mix flour with salt, to sift on a board, to pour all in a bowl, to add oil, a yolk and the wiped cottage cheese, we knead and we roll dough in the form of a rectangle. To lay out the apples grated on a large grater, the crushed almonds and raisin then to strew with icing sugar, (to leave a little on registration of roll).

we Wrap roll, we smear with the beaten crude egg white, we put on the oiled baking sheet and we bake till golden color. Roll turns out ruddy, magnificent, appetizing. My children and grandsons it is always excited. very much I like to bake

Ya to please the family. And it at me, apparently, turns out. I hope that my cottage cheese pass rolls have to be pleasant.

is required to us 250 grams of cottage cheese, two crude eggs, 130 grams of margarine, on ten tablespoons of sugar, torments, one table spoon extinguished by soda vinegar, oil for greasing of a baking sheet and icing sugar of a finished product. At first cottage cheese we will pound

with three tablespoons of sugar and it is combinable with eggs, we add soda and we mix everything. Let`s take a small bowl, we fill flour and we mix with the polished frozen margarine, shifting curds here and it is well kneaded.

Is divisible ready dough on two parts and we roll. Two round flat cakes turned out, we Strew them with the remained sugar, we cut on sixteen triangles and we wrap everyone from the basis to a corner. Then we shift to the oiled baking sheet. I bake at a two hundred-degree temperature within fifteen minutes. I strew a finished product with icing sugar. As it is pleasant when in the house smells of fresh pastries.