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Where to spend holidays?

we will not begin to argue on advantages of different types of rest. The holidays spent in the village or on the seasonal dacha are lovelier to someone. Someone does not think to himself of rest without campaigns to mountains, rafting on the rough rivers and spending the night in tent. Many choose organized rest within the country - in the South or in local sanatoria. We will talk about those tourists who decide to preserve the native nature, having chosen rest abroad.

The number of such grows every season, having exceeded already a mark of 14 million people. Approximately every tenth resident of Russia goes abroad to sunbathe on the beach, to taste local beer and to get acquainted with local sights. Even if the real quantity of time in one and a half is less from - for statistics errors: there are citizens visiting resorts two - three times a year and not all from one and a half million visitors of China go there to have a rest - very impressive army of fans of bedroom-slippers and bathing suits all the same turns out.

Three whales of the tourist`s industry

Where go all these millions? On the globe more than two hundred countries. Mass tourist routes from Russia are laid approximately in 30 of them. And undisputed leaders of the directions are only three: Turkey, Egypt, Thailand. On this prize-winning three nearly a half of a tourist stream - three million is the share of Turkey, slightly of the country of pyramids less and about one million on the Asian kingdom. Such huge number of people cannot be mistaken, so and we should begin our acquaintance to foreign resorts to one of these countries. Thailand we Will begin


with the direction of rest of Russians, the third in popularity. Why people go to Thailand? First of all - behind exotic. If the trip to Finland is a voyage to the same Russia only equipped rich and adapted for life, then weeds in Hugo - east Asia is comparable with visit of other planet.

The second that is pleasant to tourists in Thailand, low cost. Quotations on the Thai massage or the menu at restaurant can only please. Where you still will have dinner together with beer for five dollars? Rent of a mokik or the bicycle costs about ten dollars a day, it is so much in Turkey or Spain from you will take for an hour. At the same time rest in Thailand is very various - Bangkok, Pattaya, Krabi, islands Phuket, Samui and To Chiang are not similar at each other and very interesting.


Permanent national disorders in Cairo did not frighten off tourists from Russia at all. The answer is simple - resort Charm - Ale - the Sheikh and Hurghada are very far from the capital and Russians after vague 90 - x years a little what are frightened. And to attract tourists is than.

Here the most beautiful live coral reeves of the Red Sea. The richness of the underwater world reminds multi-colored small fishes soup. To local pyramids and palaces the feature to visit with bus excursion Palestine, Jordan, Jerusalem, and in those places is added, each stone is history. Egypt seeks to become the resort year-round therefore in February it is possible to fly for 8 days for 14 thousand rubles there. Water temperature and air - plus twenty. Invitingly?


About the All-Russian health resort can be talked endlessly. There it is necessary to go only to be surprised to a miracle of resort technologies - system “all inclusive“. Any other resort did not manage to approach this prototype of communism.

As for sights, Turkey will give hundred points to any ancient state forward. Troy, the Hilt, Aspendos, Afro-dithis - all this in Turkey. Even Ancient Greek river Meander and ancient Roman aqueducts. And still rest in Turkey different - the resorts of Alania, Cyd, Beleka, Antalya, Kemer, Bodrum, Fetkhiye, Marmaris offer rest for every taste and any purse. The prices vary from one thousand dollars for two for ten days in hotel “three stars“ to 30 000 dollars in two weeks in hotel for owners of own yachts. And finally finally we will leave to


A the most pleasant and surprising - to choose between these three directions there is no need. The best time for rest in Thailand - winter, in Turkey - summer, and in Egypt the most comfortable rest in the spring and in the fall.