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To young people at us everywhere one road? Fifth “Destination“ of

All stories have property sooner or later to come to an end. Some on the most interesting place, and some last long infinitely so listeners manage to forget what everything began with. The lion`s share of the Hollywood film series is removed until at producers the debit meets with the credit.

Happens that the audience is not even rescued by departure of the chief actor or director. Come to its place new, hungry to glory and money, cinematographers, and process is started again. When the franchize finally sputters out, it is possible to remove a remake and to start counting from scratch. Well, or, at the worst, the prequel and to put the fat end which at desire can be redrawn always in a comma.

When in 2000 - the m on screens appeared to year first “Destination“ very few people guessed that the movie plot will be stretched even on 5 full-fledged parts subsequently. Considering that all main characters at the end of a picture perish, James Wong`s tape as if hinted the audience about a plan extremity. On the other hand, it was thought to studio bosses who prevent to tell us the same story once again? Correctly, anybody and anything, okromya own laziness. Each new “Destination“ differed from previous only in serial number and new faces of characters which should disappear amicably in the infernal abyss to concede the platform of the next party of fresh “meat“.

… Sam Laughton together with fellow workers and almost the ex-girlfriend Mollie goes by bus to the next corporate training of personal growth. This action does not inspire for feats, considering that Sam is going to leave firm, and Mollie intends to break up with Sam. Morning is early, the company boring and if suddenly did not come in dream to Sam in brightly - bloody paints the future falling of the bridge and death of the most part of the companions (including him) then and to remember there was nothing. The panicking Sam takes away seven “lucky“ then the bridge falls, carrying away with himself the non-believer`s remains in predictions of the contingent of the bus.

Despite wonderful rescue, survivors in accident do not hurry to enjoy life. The deserted firm here - here will be closed, at heart cats scrape and the future uncertainty frightens. However easy nervousness develops into chilling horror when the short list survived begins to thin promptly as a result of extremely ridiculous and silly death. The girl - the gymnast develops in half at everyday training. The four-eyes lady`s man, instead of the promised pleasures of an orgasm, becomes a small pillow for needles in the Chinese Spa - salon. The Sisyasty secretary perishes during unsuccessful laser correction of sight.

Young people realize that coincidence went too far. The meticulous FBI agent investigating circumstances of “wonderful rescue“ of Sam and his companions, is skeptical about accidents too. Not without the aid of the mysterious stranger (Tony Todd), friends begin to understand that entered open confrontation with Bony. The old woman with a braid comes to everyone who avoided the fate on the bridge, closing the sheet strictly one after another. The only chance to deceive death twice - to make a sacrifice instead of itself. And when from eight survivors there are only three, one of them decides to take destiny in hand … As you understand

, authors of fifth “Destination“ decided not to philosophize crafty and simplified to themselves a task to the maximum. Within concept about “uselessness of the invention of the bicycle“ the director Stephen Quayle and the screenwriter Eric Haysserer just pumped up to the vehicle wheels. Well, maybe, still katafota wiped. And if their work was not part of the famous film series, then these two could be condemned safely for plagiarism. And plagiarism clumsy and primitive. The scheme was taken one in one, I quote: “Anticipation. Rescue. Funeral. Death. Death. Death. Horror on faces. The mysterious stranger in the person of Tony Todd. Again Horror. Death. Search of a solution. Death. The problem is solved. All are rescued. All died“. We put a template, the pure tracing-paper from the original, nearly one in one turns out.

But. All counter “The destination 5“ (at least, creators hoped for it) that this time severe Tony Todd disproves own gloomy prophecies of the previous series and offers unfortunate simple, though labor-consuming, the decision. Kill the neighbor and a damnation it will be removed, and you will live so much how many on a sort it was written to the victim. Everything, finish. We take a shovel and we dig a grave to the first comer.

This simple and frankly silly course Quayle and associates despised sufferings of tens of martyrs from the previous parts. They - that, poor fellows, did not know what for rescue of soul is enough to be shmyaknut on a kumpola of some bum or to push off the neighbor on rails in the subway. Instead they were very cautious, took refuge in rooms with soft walls and tried to analyze a situation.

In other words, took away the main thing from a picture - its originality. All sense of the franchize consisted that arrival of Death was unexpected and inevitable. Heroes four times in a row tried to deceive destiny, but Bony persistently proved that “the freebie will not be“ and it is necessary to pay bills. Who could think that authors will be turned out from a cogitative time trouble is so banal and is fast. Yes, of course, in the final all of them will equally do all in, but the deposit remained. And exactly thanks to this deposit the picture acted in hire very uncertainly and made for creators at all not that profit on which they counted.

The sequel staked on emergence in a shot of old acquaintances, the third part introduced more mysticism in a shot, and in the fourth movie pressed staginess and become fashionable 3D. In fifth “Point“ refused any innovations. And an eye simply has nothing to be hooked.

However, neither visible flaws of the scenario, nor an obvious illogicality of the narration, nor an inexpressive casting prevented pictures to earn millions. At “Destinations“ the mass of admirers worldwide which, in general, to spit on these nuances. They come to cinema to contemplate ridiculous and inventive ways of killing of the age-mates, and in this plan the franchize a cut above of all the competitors.

It is sure that the modern psychology already got to the bottom of an essence of this phenomenon, but so far one think out terms and compose theories, others use the perverted inquisitiveness and make money on the drawn blood. Like “associates“ on shop (“Saw“, “Hostel“ and others), “Destinations“ are preferred to shock visually, than to force to empathize.