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Fighter “Die Hard“. What to be engaged to the police officer on the Christmas`s eve in?

of One nu - the York police officer (we will call it for fidelity John Makkleyn) decided to visit on the Christmas`s eve the spouse and kids. Bought a teddy bear, got into the plane and jerked in Los - Andzheles properly to celebrate, give away gifts and...

Perhaps, even to improve the relations with the shitty half which left a family for the sake of stunning career in smart office on a top of a skyscraper of Nakatomi Plaz.

The magnificent limousine with too inquisitive driver brought John from the airport, and the elevator - on 30 - y the floor of the building where the party of the unbridled Californian office plankton was already celebrated. Someone climbed to kiss, someone smelled cocaine on a workplace, and someone in a corner squeezed the secretary. Generally, all were busy in anticipation of short, but bright days off.

Also the branch director, Mr. Takagi was not in time, to finish the ardent congratulatory speech as on the underground parking of a skyscraper on - silent the truck from where the crowd professionally trained and men of Aryan appearance armed cap-a-pie under the leadership of elegant Hans Gruber fell out came around. Arrived orderly disperse on floors with obvious intention to spoil a holiday, make uproar and cut off all entrances and exits to the building.

Having scented that evening stops being languid, Makkleyn, being in eye-glasses and slippers (to be exact, with a service weapon and barefoot), hides for thoughts and reconnaissance of the district. Having become the witness of a rough handling over unfortunate Takagi, Makkleyn understands that other hostages (including his wife Halle) are in danger of death. John is aware that on a nose red day of a calendar, so neither the police, nor gallant guys from FBI will disturb bastards. Having realized that on this field he is the only soldier, Makkleyn declares to unscrupulous robbers guerrilla war … As soon as did not translate to

the name of the movie outside America. Only in our country John Maktirnan`s picture was called “Ineradicable“ (by the way, Gavrilov`s translation is considered one of the most successful), “Die hard, but it is worthy“, “One in the field soldier“ and so forth. Nevertheless the heading “Die Hard“ underwent testing time, and the franchize about the rested cop continues to be well. For today three continuations of history are already removed, and in 2013 prepares for an exit the fifth movie .

If to trust sources, Bruce Willis for whom the role of the police officer John Makkleyn became one of the most significant in career was registered in a picture casting at the fifth number. After Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Richard Gere and Bert Reynolds. The scenario in one of early versions was direct continuation of the famous fighter of “Kommando“. Arnold refused participation in the project, the text was seriously edited, and as a result the teleserial actor whose highest achievement at cinema at that time was a primitive comedy “Appointment Blindly“ with Kim Besinger got a leading role.

Bruce Willis connected by the contract in a TV show “Detective agency “Lunny Svet“ combined shootings, but after a movie film premiere which made it rich and well-known at the same time, soon left television.

In this connection the question becomes ripe. Why the fighter, quite standard on the Hollywood canons, with participation of the little-known performer was more popular similar “one against all“ than films in which the best representatives of a genre acted? Why fight of the police officer against a gang of robbers was more preferable, than fight of the former member of spetsnaz with army of the backward dictator (“Kommando“) or opposition of the veteran of Vietnam and National guard (“Rambo. First blood“)?

The answer, in general, is simple and lies on a surface. Unlike the pumped-over and severe trained murderers which John Metriks and John Rambo, the third John (Makkleyn) were was from the very beginning closer to the people. The simple guy performing the work. Not the superhero, not the fighter with a long-term experience, and the ordinary cop who walked smack in an unpleasant situation and with gloss from it chosen. Considerable value has also relation to life of heroes. So far Metriks with a dead-pan destroys the opponents, and Rambo represents the sufferer, Bruce Willis`s character sincerely uses foul language, pulling out a glass splinter from a bare foot, and is thrown by jokes with the leader of a gang on a radio communication. Schwarzenegger and Stallone extremely lacked humanity and reliability of characters whereas Makkleyn`s acts caused approval of audience regardless of quantity of corpses.

The second and not less important factor of success of a picture in hire was the fact that authors squeezed out a maximum of quite ordinary history. Terrorists who at all not terrorists, but banal robbers, as well as has to do not take prisoners and quite rigidly manage with those who try to prevent them. Hostages not only naturally shiver and panic, but also are ready to go for treachery if only to save the ass. The main character does not differ in a puleneprobivayemost, shells from him do not jump aside though, certainly, he is lucky more, than the mere mortal.

It is interesting that Englishman Alan Rikman who acted only on the British television before and debuted in Shakespearean “Romeo and Juliette“ from the Air Force, so organically fitted into an image of the West German criminal Gruber. However, say that on a shooting stage Mr. Rikman shuddered from each shot. Thank God, efforts of the director this nuance stayed behind scenes and left the British very charismatic glavgad.

Germans peculiar apprehended the fact of existence in a shot of the compatriots. In Germany all bad guys bear exclusively English names, and besides are Irish. It though somehow explained that many phrases in German sounding from the screen actually were constructed with mistakes. This does not surprise at all; Americans seldom pay close attention to language authenticity. A bright example for Russia - the same “A red heat“ of Walter Hill. However, just in this case we have an opportunity to stick to Maktirnan`s work because one of key roles in “Die Hard“ was played infamous Soviet balerun by Alexander Godunov who untimely abandoned us at the age of 45 years.

It is known that history of Christmas adventures of John Makkleyn was continued two years later. Finn Rennie Harlin who not only spent twice more money for the movie (did without big names, but pumped a lot of money into special effects) was engaged in statement of the sequel, but also earned nearly 240 million that for 1990 was powerful. Following the results of a year “Die Hard 2“ is the only sequel which entered ten leaders of hire (on the 8th place).

The third and fourth parts which showed more modest results nevertheless were commercially successful projects, and the brand of the film franchize and Bruce Willis who is one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood are still quoted at the viewer. That is why, in spite of the fact that to Willis it is deep for fifty, next year release of the fifth series of adventures of John Makkleyn which will territorially transfer the base to Russia this time is planned.