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Who are they, the Russian heroes of our time?

we Have a train which without restraint rushes through the stones and bricks of locals flying to it. “Sapsan“ is called; plies between two capitals. According to stories of the director of FSB Alexander Bortnikov terrorists constantly try to blow up this train, and only thanks to harmonious work of intelligence agencies “Sapsan“ it is still live. Here it is the tangible testimony of heroism.

On the other hand, than still to be engaged to the former railway engineer Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov how not to protect the train. And told us all this when long ago intelligence agencies had no progress; told in deaf summertime when deficiency of news is observed, and mass media are ready to write about anything. Here also information vacuum is filled with heroism of intelligence agencies: real or imaginary - it seems check! We have no public control over activity of department of mister Bortnikov . Means, in power to become security officers heroes at any time when consider it necessary to report to the public about the heroism.

The fundamentals of the Russian economy (except for oil and gas) are a slave labor. Look who works at buildings who works in housing and communal services of the large cities who works in underground shops. Slaves are migrants from the CIS countries, illegal immigrants Vietnamese and Chinese. Illegal immigrants it is more favorable to the employer: they can pay less, they can be oppressed somehow, they will not go to complain to prosecutor`s office, will not address deputies. Slaves work not only for 60 hours a week what the new leader of a right cause Mikhail Prokhorov , and and to the pobola tries to obtain. In fact, Prokhorov`s dream is already realized. Unless he is not a hero?

Certainly, heroes are our tandem . Even it is not discussed. Only heroes can: to waste in an outhouse of the enemies; to cut off that did not grow any more; to hunt whales; to go by three zhyoltenky machines of AvtoVAZ; to extinguish the fires from “the plane - an ambition“; it is active to use Shchebetalka (Twitter); to change militiamen in police officers and to be engaged in innovations in one separately taken Skolkovo.

There is one more remarkable person - Alexander Torshin . After Sergey Mironov`s response from the Federation Council he guards a president`s chair for Valentina Matviyenko (so solved in the Kremlin). And earlier Alexander Porfiryevich headed the parliamentary commission for Beslan and established that children from school No. 1 of Beslan were saved by the Russian State. And those three hundred school students whom did not rescue could not be rescued. Well unless he is not a hero?!

Still there is a speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov who is sincerely sure that parliament - not the place for discussions. Boris Vyacheslavovich, the former radio engineer, in stay by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation educated society how to suppress meetings and demonstrations. And you remember a noisy protest with werewolves in militia shoulder straps? They were found too by the radio engineer Gryzlov. Probably, used a special engineering technique: well type defined existence or lack of a shadow, and also reflection in a mirror. Here and become candidates of political sciences. Evil tongues say that Gryzlov is absolutely deprived of sense of humour … ha! so I also believed after gryzlovsky werewolves.

Technical inventions of the speaker Gryzlov (together with odious Petrik who suggested to expel radiation from the infected water by use of the filters) are worth a lot too. However, full members of Academy of Sciences of Russia somehow badly perceive mister Petrik`s innovations. But also academicians have the right for a mistake. The speaker of the State Duma cannot invent something indecent?!

It is also possible to remember the sovereign an icicle from the northern capital Valentina Matviyenko . This remarkable lady suggested to force down “icicle“ on roofs the laser (as it was expressed), for what probably grateful inhabitants of one of Petersburg houses also chose her as the house manager. Garin`s hyperboloid in St. Petersburg did not get accustomed. To force down icicles the migrants employed by a misinformation, directly on roofs of cars and the head of passersby became shovels. However it did not prevent Valentina Ivanovna on municipal elections in the Petersburg district the Krasnenky small river to receive in the support in 94% of votes. Here it, national love! However, there are six percent of the turncoats dreaming that it returned to native Shepetovka. The geographical point in the middle between the northern capital and the Ukrainian town - a chair in Moscow in the Federation Council (that president`s chair which is guarded by Torshin) will be final option.

Madam Matviyenko has a set of the state and departmental awards. Among them the medals “For the Fighting Commonwealth“, “For Strengthening of the Fighting Commonwealth“, “For Interaction with FSB of Russia“, “For Merits in Ensuring National Security“ got in the last 10 years, the sign “Excellent Student of Border Troops“, and also a breastplate “For a personal contribution to protection and improvement of civil defense“. It is possible to tell, domestic Joan of Arc. However, I hope that the future of Valentina Ivanovna will not be similar to an event with the Orleans maiden.

Somehow time the chief militiaman (nowadays police) of Russia Rashid Nurgaliyev ordered to eradicate corruption in law-enforcement bodies in one month. Recently the internal minister Nurgaliyev declared that the bribery and corruption in bodies remained behind his back, in the past. In couple of days Rasheed Gumarovich it is proud specified that behind his shoulders corruption remained in Vladimir, Kostroma and Penza, but not everywhere. Concerning so truthful police officer I nevertheless have some doubts: the hero it or did not grow to the famous uncle Styopy yet - the militiaman?

On the other hand, many-sided person our current Minister of Internal Affairs. It is more sides, than at a thick glass tumbler. It and the school teacher of physics (in the past), both Candidate of Economic Sciences, and the security officer, and the general, and the author of the book “The Ministry of Internal Affairs. 1902 - 2002: Historical sketch“. Just Lomonosov of our days.

“I eat a little, I manage nuts, greens, vegetables and fruit“, - mister Nurgaliyev in one of interview told to the country and the world. Such people have to be worth its weight in gold. Probably, therefore Rashid Nurgaliyev heads already seven years the key ministry of the state Russian. However personally sometimes it seems to me that he is a storyteller, but not the police officer.

There are heroes and among journalists. For example, editor-in-chief and owner of “MK“ (“Moskovsky Komsomolets“) Pavel Gusev . This likes to hunt (to kill) elephants in Africa and on polar bears in Canada. But it is fine. Another is more remarkable: Pavel Nikolaevich regularly in large volumes publishes announcements of prostitutes who offer leisure in the MK newspaper (now it so is called). From - for this editor-in-chief quite often klinut the main souteneur of Russia. And what here surprising?! Once Pavel Nikolaevich samolichno interviewed the most famous prostitute of the Old World. Unless it after that not the hero?!

… Age at “heroes“ (and “heroines“) different. Unites their one - they were created as public and is state - politicians in 90 - e years. In that the ninetieth which now they call dashing. Actually, they are “children“ of these of the ninetieth.

Modern history long does not keep in memory even of original heroes: it is too much information, too many events take place in today`s world. Our “heroes“ together with the pseudo-elite crushed all Russian opposition and created the imitating state. But what`s next? With one of “heroes“ we are waited by the awful end; with others - horror endlessly. They are classical mediocre pupils who appeared will of a case at top of a pyramid of the power. However, some heroic vacancies are not occupied yet. We have neither father of the people, nor the new grandfather Lenin.

If life - game, then the number of attempts it is limited. Also it is only possible to regret people who in Russia the beginnings 21 - go centuries symbolize anti-heroes.