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Who at the bottom of banks lives then to get over in a stomach?

the Early autumn are the real fireworks of dainties. But all this magnificence has a reverse side - house preparations in most cases are the reason of the serious poisoning caused by botulism. It is rare, but very dangerous toksikoinfektion. It strikes nervous system, causing full or partial paralysis.

The activator are anaerobic sticks. They live in the soil, getting with excrements of animals there. Oxygen for them is pernicious therefore they live only in rolled up bank or intestines. If at conservation the product was insufficiently heated-up, sticks turn into the disputes capable to reproduction in gammons or vegetable, fruit and canned meat. Disputes are viable within a year and are steady against cold, drying, an ultraviolet and heat treatment.

In the absence of oxygen and temperature from + 20 to + the 38th disputes turn into sticks. The last intensively breed, emitting the strongest poison nervously - paralytic action. For a lethal outcome 0,3 micrograms of this terrible substance are enough. Botulotoksin remains in canned food for years, without changing at the same time taste, a smell and color of a product. So it is possible to get serious poisoning, with appetite absorbing absolutely harmless and safe, at first sight, product.

Botulism collects in a product not evenly, and places. Therefore from several people treated with mushrooms or home-made gammon only one can get into hospital. A susceptibility of a human body to botulism very high. Disputes are soaked up through a mucous membrane of a stomach. From - for a spasm in intestines the food stands, and almost oxygen-free conditions are created. Sticks intensively breed, producing toxin which is almost instantly soaked up in blood. Then poison strikes the central nervous system.

The illness begins with nausea and a general malaise. Then warm rhythms get off, the headache and strong weakness develops. Through a couple of hours sight worsens, the voice vanishes and swallowing is at a loss. All this is followed by an acute pain in a stomach and a liquid chair. There can be spasms. Body temperature most often remains normal. It is necessary to cause urgently ambulance, and before arrival of physicians to give to the patient salt laxative and whenever possible to wash out a stomach.

To secure itself against all this, it is necessary to throw out without regret in the garbage can products causing even the slightest suspicion: sausage with a smell, ham with a wet surface, etc. It is necessary to destroy at once all canned food with the blown-up covers and compotes in which fruit became covered by dark stains. Vegetables, fruit and mushrooms before conservation should be soaked in several waters to wash from the soil remains. Mushrooms from which it is difficult to remove sand and the earth can only be salted or pickled with acid and salt, without rolling up banks covers hermetically. The cucumbers and other vegetables which are not containing natural acid (for example, green peas), it is recommended to preserve only with vinegar and enough salt. Meat and fish in house conditions cannot be preserved as sterilization in the autoclave at a temperature of 120 is required gr. These conditions cannot simply be observed.