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Than the German Baltic is beautiful?

Pronouncing the words “Baltic coast“, we always remember our western neighbors in the USSR. However waves of the Baltic Sea wash not only Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, but also Germany. Moreover, many centuries the northern coast of this country is the resort No. 1 for thousands of German families. It is enough to open the well-known novel of Thomas Mann “Buddenbroki“, and the imagination will draw shouts of seagulls, snow-white sandy coasts, shaggy paws of pines...


No doubt, Lubeck is the most known city of the German Baltic. In the Middle Ages this lovely town from a red brick was the capital of the Hanseatic union. In every possible way supporting this status, the local merchants built beautiful buildings, decorated spikes of cathedrals with gilding. And all this remained in the city so far. Moreover, the most part of structures is under patronage of UNESCO and is tremblingly protected as heritage of world culture.

Besides the fantastic architecture, Lubeck is nice for the marzipan. The following legend is connected with its emergence. In 1407 severe famine burst and from a hopelessness people began to bake bread of almonds. Hunger was successfully won, but the new dish so pleased everything that it continued to be baked further. As guides of the Museum of marzipan tell, the lyubeksky delicacy repeatedly moved to a table of various imperial yards.

And here in 15 kilometers from the city there is a Lyubeksky bay uniting several beaches. The best-known of them - Travemyunde. It is possible to reach it even on public transport, not to mention the privately owned vehicle. Travemyunde is a medieval fishing village which at the end of the 18th century was decided to be turned into the comfortable resort.

Since then here every summer there come crowds of tourists. Clean air, soft climate, small sand and high-quality service. Even the most whimsical traveler will remain under impression of a trip on the North of Germany. Besides Tramenyude equally is suitable both for fans of quiet rest, and for fans of active. Here it is possible to indulge in a relaxation on the quiet coast of the Baltic Sea, and it is possible to go to windsurfing and sailing regattas, to walk on shops, amusement parks and the museums.

the Island of Rugen

the Island of Rugen is located

near the southern coast of the Baltic Sea and is one of the most popular resorts. This place is ideally suited for improving rest. The soft local climate promotes treatment of diseases of airways, rheumatism, various nervous breakdowns. Extent of sea beaches makes the whole 140 kilometers here, and thanks to the fact that many gulfs of a melkovodna, water very quickly heats up and does not force you to shrink from cold.

Amazing landscapes of this island will leave nobody indifferent. The snow-white cretaceous rocks covered with dense greens of trees, golden and romantic declines... Among all this magnificence are most known the rock under the name “King`s Throne“ extended up on 118 m, and the cape Yasmund with the park reserve of the same name.

Earlier the island was the resort for people with very big prosperity, but today it became much more democratic. There come people with a different income level, the majority comes families. The island is literally created for good family rest.


is located

Near the island of Rugen the ancient city of Stralsund. They are connected with each other by the cable-stayed reinforced concrete bridge nearly three kilometers long. From - for it very often it is called “gate of the island of Rugen“.

As well as Lubeck, Stralsund in an excellent state kept the medieval architectural appearance. For example, the building of a city town hall with a unique openwork facade very beautifully looks. Also, within the cultural program, in this city it is worth visiting the oceanographic museum which has 36 aquariums. The sea flora and fauna from every corner of the world lives in them.

the Island Zyult

the Island Zyult - the most northern point of the German state which is a part North - the Frisian Islands. Once it was the part of the continent, but then as a result of seismic cataclysms of Zyult separated from the main part of the European continent. Moreover, according to forecasts of scientists, in the long-term future it can leave under water and by that to disappear from the face of the earth. Therefore, preparing for round on northern open spaces of Germany, glance on this island, still not late.

The center of the island is the city of Vesterland. Here you are waited by comfortable hotels, pure beaches, gift shops, cafe and even active night life with bright clubs, a casino and discos.

The sea on this island accurately is divided into two parts. On the western coast it lifts high waves, than causes wide popularity in surfers. And here in the east of the island everything is much quieter therefore here families with children stop and just fans to acquire a tan.