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Clothes and footwear: the choice of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


p the Clothes should not distract attention from the person. p the Clothes can not only supplement with

beauty of the person - but also to distract it.

pz Clothes on the beautiful person look better - than separately from him, with ugly - all on the contrary.

and the Boor in soul of the person tries to glance through clothes. p Ugliness of soul - smart clothes not to close


p Clothes of the woman has to be rather fitting - to emphasize beautiful places of her figure, but not so - that it looked vulgarly.

with the Woman tries to put on so - what most to undress.

p In clothes should not be anything superfluous.

and As if the person did not hide the aspiration to vanity - the clothes it give


and the Hairpin is the only thing that was left by a modern civilization to the woman in footwear elements to be allocated. and to Young people is not enough

- new best clothing, elderly - the worker.

and Are necessary years that the person learned to select and wear


and Youth the stronger is undressed, the more attractively, hundred -

growth - on the contrary.

and Elderly people condemn youth for open clothes that - to justify with

the closeness and to reduce a gap in a privlek -

of a telnost.

p Getting only one thing, significantly the best, than all>

clothes, under it it is necessary to change all clothes.

and Than is younger than people - less fabrics on clothes go that to it.

p externally to seem is more graceful, the clothes should be not worn, and - to monstrirovat


yu to the Husband to look good, first of all it is necessary to care for clothes of the wife.

Clothes the importance

pvlk the Person is beautiful not clothes - and soul, is great not a hat - and affairs.

of l to the Valuable person are optional expensive dresses, he and in the sucker -

motyakh is great.

and People to hide poverty of soul, dress it in rich odezh -

dy, but it affects only gawks.

p It is necessary to be significant in any clothes.

p When we are engaged in packing, to us it is already less important that with -

keeps inside.

and the Fool not capable to glance in soul of the person, tries to estimate it on clothes. p the Clothes have to supplement with

beauty of the person - but not to eclipse it.

p On clothes can be judged the person.

p the Best clothing - worsens health, house - improves.

and Common cheap clothes - liberates, beautiful expensive - inspires with

. p Clothes and a hairdress exert

impact on character and acts of the person.

yu Clothes exists to hide shortcomings.

yu If not to watch clothes, it can show the person it is what it is actually.

yu At the woman two clothes, one to outdo girlfriends, another - to slobber at men.

yu If at the woman is expensive clothes - she considers herself beautiful.

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