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The photographer on a wedding. To employ or we will cope? Wedding photos in family archive everyone has

practically: only a wedding of the grandmother and grandfather depicted all time in the conditions of studio, and covered a wedding of parents already much more widely - studio plus it is black - white photos from the camera of the good friend. Well and that that in places not absolutely clearly who where, the main thing - the caught moment, a storm of emotions … Generally, you also so perfectly understand about what the speech...

The wedding photo became somehow especially popular in recent years, it is enough to look at the impressive list of domestic photographers of all colors: with regalia (local and international awards and titles) and without it, with the unique style and with quite mediocre works, with the transcendental price tag and shooting for three rubles. Options weight, for every taste and purse.

But if to forget about greed as regards orders of the day is it necessary to care for presence on your celebration of the special person with an abrupt chamber? Answer: surely!

1. The first that comes to mind: how family archive without your wedding photos? Aspiration to imprint for descendants one of the most important days of the life - business important and necessary. In any case descendants, to you extremely pleasantly will come back over and over again to an album where each photo and shouts of your happiness. Definitely argument “for!“.

2. The photographer at a wedding devotes to shooting all the time, managing to remove all most important points of a celebration. Guests with cameras, in turn, cannot and should not spend it only for shooting - they have according to the plan a champagne in a limousine, touching tears in the REGISTRY OFFICE, toasts, dances, food, a bouquet, a garter and a fight.

3. Also newly married quite often face that on the photos taken by guests they are not so beautiful at all as it would be desirable. Someone removed the bride from an unsuccessful foreshortening, and the groom with a cigarette, the closed eyes or ugly opened mouth... And infinite views from a back, a photo “the increased hips“, the cut-off legs, hands, and even - the heads? To entrust work to the professional is a fine way if not to avoid unsuccessful amateur photos then to meet a lack successful and qualitative. You should not forget that the equipment at the professional photographer is much more serious, than at guests.

4. The photographer is opportunities, and the speech not only about the art value and technical quality of pictures. Professionals quite often offer the whole range of services - it is both the press of a photo, and collages, and a slide - show, and wedding books. Generally, chance to make the photochronicle that is called “turnkey“.

5. Besides, a professional photoshoot in itself pleasant and interesting process where you are and your guests - stars and the main characters.

The main thing to approach a question of the choice of the photographer seriously and not to trust so important issue to anyone. It is important to remember that former works of the master (portfolio) have to be interesting to you, have to correspond to your tastes and requirements.

The main minuses - financial expenses and expectation (on average - month), cease to cause a negative when newlyweds think of the fact that work demands remuneration, and it is possible and to wait for the photos urged to please you again and again.